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    Import Debian changes · 768f1186
    Lorenzo Faletra authored
    firejail ( testing; urgency=medium
      * Import new Debian release.
      * Include Parrot patches.
    firejail ( unstable; urgency=high
      * Cherry-pick security fix for seccomp bypass issue. (Closes: #929732)
        Seccomp filters were writable inside the jail, so they could be
        overwritten/truncated. Another jail that was then joined with the first
        one, had no seccomp filters applied.
      * Cherry-pick security fix for binary truncation issue. (Closes: #929733)
        When the jailed program was running as root, and firejail was killed
        from the outside (as root), the jailed program had the possibility to
        truncate the firejail binary outside the jail.
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