Commit d26ad70a authored by Lorenzo Faletra's avatar Lorenzo Faletra

Import Debian version 1.56+parrot1

init-system-helpers (1.56+parrot1) testing; urgency=medium

  * Import new Debian release.
  * Include Parrot patches.
parent fa9bbcbb
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ SBIN = debian/init-system-helpers/usr/sbin
mv $(SBIN)/update-rc.d $(SBIN)/debian-update-rc.d
cp script/kali-update-rc.d $(SBIN)/update-rc.d
cp script/parrot-update-rc.d $(SBIN)/update-rc.d
[ ! -d debian/init-system-helpers ] || sed -i 's/__VERSION__/$(DEB_VERSION)/' debian/init-system-helpers/usr/sbin/service
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ if (exists $ENV{'DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION'} and
# We're in a maint-script and we're about to install a new init script
if (exists $status_wanted{$bn}) {
if ($status_wanted{$bn} eq "disabled") {
print STDERR "update-rc.d: As per Kali policy, $bn init script is left disabled.\n";
print STDERR "update-rc.d: $bn is in our deadpool blacklist! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!\n";
system("/usr/sbin/debian-update-rc.d", @orig_argv);
system("/usr/sbin/debian-update-rc.d", $bn, "disable");
exit 0;
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ if (exists $ENV{'DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION'} and
if ($header->{'required-start'} =~ /\$network/ ||
$header->{'should-start'} =~ /\$network/)
print STDERR "update-rc.d: It looks like a network service, we disable it.\n";
print STDERR "update-rc.d: It looks like a network service! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!\n";
system("/usr/sbin/debian-update-rc.d", @orig_argv);
system("/usr/sbin/debian-update-rc.d", $bn, "disable");
exit 0;
......@@ -91,29 +91,53 @@ sub parse_lsb_header {
# List of blacklisted init scripts
# Deadpool
apache2 disabled
avahi-daemon disabled
bluetooth disabled
couchdb disabled
clamav-daemon disabled
clamav-freshclam disabled
cups disabled
dictd disabled
dhcpcd disabled
dradis disabled
exim4 disabled
greenbone-security-assistant disabled
iodined disabled
mariadb disabled
minissdpd disabled
nfs-common disabled
nginx disabled
nmbd disabled
openbsd-inetd disabled
openvas-manager disabled
openvas-scanner disabled
polipo disabled
postfix disabled
postgresql disabled
pppd-dns disabled
procmail disabled
redis disabled
redis-server disabled
redsocks disabled
rpcbind disabled
samba disabled
smbd disabled
saned disabled
snmpd disabled
ssh disabled
stunnel4 disabled
winbind disabled
thin disabled
tinyproxy disabled
tor disabled
udftools disabled
python-faraday disabled
pure-ftpd disabled
# List of whitelisted init scripts
# Whitelist
acpid enabled
acpi-fakekey enabled
......@@ -148,6 +172,9 @@ enabled
kmod enabled
libvirt-bin enabled
libvirt-guests enabled
lightdm enabled
live-config enabled
live-boot enabled
loadcpufreq enabled
lvm2 enabled
lxc enabled
......@@ -162,12 +189,14 @@ enabled enabled
networking enabled
network-manager enabled
nfs-common enabled
pppd-dns enabled
procps enabled
pulseaudio enabled
qemu-kvm enabled
rc.local enabled
rdnssd enabled
resolvconf enabled
restorecond enabled
rmnologin enabled
rsync enabled
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