1. 24 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Import Debian version 1.49+parrot1 · 0cb1789d
      Lorenzo Faletra authored
      init-system-helpers (1.49+parrot1) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new Debian release.
        * Reinclude parrot patches.
      init-system-helpers (1.49) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Felipe Sateler ]
        * Upload to unstable. Urgency low due to large changeset.
        * d-s-invoke: Execute systemctl once when starting units.
          This ensures systemd itself can order them the best way it sees fit.
          (Closes: #848192)
        * update-rc.d: check that /etc/insserv.conf exists before invoking insserv.
          It might happen that the binary exists but the configuration file doesn't,
          and then the insserv invocation will fail. Therefore don't consider insserv
          installed until the configuration file exists.
          Thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen for the patch. (Closes: #849284)
        * Bump Standards-Version
        [ Iain Lane ]
        * invoke-rc.d: Pass --full to `systemctl status', so we don't get ellipsised output.
        [ Michael Biebl ]
        * Drop support for upstart
      init-system-helpers (1.48) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Team upload
        * [fbabdc8] Handle units with escaped characters correctly.
          for details. (Closes: #861204)
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  5. 14 Apr, 2017 3 commits
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      Import Debian version 1.47+parrot1 · dbfbbbc6
      Lorenzo Faletra authored
      init-system-helpers (1.47+parrot1) testing; urgency=medium
        * Manually add mariadb to blacklist
        * Manually add thin to blacklist
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      Improve services blacklist · c260ee00
      Lorenzo Faletra authored
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      Import Debian version 1.47+parrot0 · 55e1f69b
      Lorenzo Faletra authored
      init-system-helpers (1.47+parrot0) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new Debian release
      init-system-helpers (1.47) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
        * Align policy-rc.d existing/nonexisting case for custom actions.
          Previously, when calling invoke-rc.d with a "custom" action, it
          would print an error when a policy-rc.d file was installed, but
          it would be silent if no such file was installed. (Closes: #728682)
        [ Andreas Henriksson ]
        * Do policy-rc.d automatically in init-less chroots.
          See #838966 and #838997 for background.
          A debootstrap with --variant=minbase will have lsb-base installed,
          so the person running into this issue must have:
           - not added a policy-rc.d in his init-less chroot
           - removed lsb-base manually (and what else?)
          This patch auto-detects the situation with init-less chroot that's
          missing a policy-rc.d and deals with it automatically (plus gives
          a warning message). (Closes: #843761)
        [ Ondřej Nový ]
        * Add try-restart action.
          See #851688
        [ Felipe Sateler ]
        * Make init depend on a new enough init-system-helpers.
          In jessie, update-rc.d/invoke-rc.d/service are shipped by sysv-rc.
          They got moved to init-system-helpers after that, so make sure we
          have the new versions to ensure the scripts are available.
          This dependency can probably be dropped after stretch is released.
        * update-rc.d: allow trailing whitespace in LSB header delimiters.
          It is a hard to diagnose condition because trailing spaces are
          invisible in most editors. Moreover, all the other parsers (systemd,
          insserv) allow such trailing space. (Closes: #851730)
       init-system-helpers (1.46) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Drop dh-systemd transitional package.
          It is now provided by debhelper (Closes: #841914)
        * Add a meaningful short description to init metapackage
        * Document copyright of things lifted from pkg:sysvinit (Closes: #839545)
        * Use https url for copyright format
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