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    Import Debian version 1.54+parrot1 · 8921e32f
    Lorenzo Faletra authored
    init-system-helpers (1.54+parrot1) testing; urgency=medium
      * Import new Debian release.
    init-system-helpers (1.54) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Revert "Drop fallback for old versions of systemd that didn't have
        If a package ships both init script and systemd service file, the
        systemd unit will not be enabled by the time invoke-rc.d is called
        (with current debhelper sequence). This would make systemctl is-enabled
        report the wrong status, and then the service would not be started.
        Add a comment noting this to avoid removing again in the future.
        This reverts commit 6f95680ffc9b1605841eb7d3d8eb92c790e6c73a.
        (Closes: #906421, #906051)
    init-system-helpers (1.53) unstable; urgency=medium
      * tests: only load Linux::Clone if not testing on real system
        'use' directive is evaluated at compile time, so having it inside an 'if'
        statement does not have the expected effect. Use the 'use if' directive instead.
        This fixes running the autopkgtests in clean systems without Linux::Clone module
    init-system-helpers (1.52) unstable; urgency=medium
      [ Felipe Sateler ]
      * Change Vcs-* urls to point to the new salsa service
      * Drop fallback for old versions of systemd that didn't have is-enabled.
        This reverts commit 0e43de3196a68e59d8a543d1cf7f5b4bfbb27451
      * invoke-rc.d: add option to do nothing for native systemd units.
        It is useful to simplify maintainer scripts, since it allows executing
        this command for sysvinit/openrc
        systems, and deb-systemd-invoke for systemd systems
      * Update Standards-Version
      * deb-systemd-*: Invoke perl interpreter directly in /usr/bin.
        Do not go through PATH, and avoid possibly using a user-installed
      * Bump debhelper compat level to 11
      * Fix manpage references in d/copyright.
        They were not updated when the manpages were converted to rst
      * Replace usage of dpkg-parsechangelog with pkg-info.mk provided by dpkg-dev
      [ Daniele Nicolodi ]
      * deb-systemd-helper: Fix typo in man page
      * d/rules: Fix man pages header and footer.
        Pass options to pod2mn to get correct header and footer content.
      * deb-systemd-helper: Add comment explaining why 'systemctl preset' is used
      * tests: Move common setup code and test functions to a new helpers.pm module
      * tests: Fix setup when TEST_ON_REAL_SYSTEM is not set
      * tests: Do not require Linux::Clone Perl module if TEST_ON_REAL_SYSTEM is
        If the TEST_ON_REAL_SYSTEM environment variable is set, the bind
        mounting of empty directories not top of system difrectoried affected
        by the tests is skipt. Therefore, there is no need to isolate the
        tests in a mount namespace.
      * tests: Make sure that the tests do not clutter the host system.
        In the mount namespace created for the tests, remount the root
        filesystem read-only. To be able to create temporary files and
        directories, mount a tmpfs on /tmp.
      * autopkgtests: Drop seteup steps that are not required anymore
      * deb-systemd-helper: Implement user instance's service handling
      * tests: Add tests for user instance's service handling
      * tests: Make calling 'deb-systemd-helper' in tests less verbose.
        Removing the shell interposition in the system() calls avoids edge
        cases in parameters handling (there were places where the randomly
        generated unit names were not correctly quoted) and speeds up tests
      * tests: Check that the root filesystemd has been marked private
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