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Package: parrot-menu
Version: 2.20
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Lorenzo EclipseSpark Faletra <>
Installed-Size: 4700
Depends: perl, libdpkg-perl, libfile-fcntllock-perl, xdg-utils
Recommends: gnome-terminal
Replaces: mate-menus
Section: gnome, mate
Priority: optional
Description: Parrot GNU/Linux custom menu
This package provides a custom menu for Parrot GNU/Linux.
It is used by any destkop that complies with the Freedesktop menu
specification at
set -e
if [ "$1" = "configure" ] && dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt "2.19"; then
# Initial installation or first upgrade, the hook is not yet in place,
# we call it ourselves and it will wait until dpkg/apt is over
/usr/share/parrot-menu/update-parrot-menu </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 &
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• DNS Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse DNS
Name[es]=• Análisis de DNS
Name[hr]=• Analiza DNSa
Name[de]=• DNS-Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi DNS
Name[zh_CN]=• DNS 分析
Name[zh_HK]=• DNS 分析
Name[zh_TW]=• DNS 分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Live Host Identification
Name[fr]=• En Direct D'identification D'hôte
Name[es]=• Identificación de Hosts en línea
Name[hr]=• Identifikacija Hostova
Name[de]=• Live-Host-Erkennung
Name[it]=• Identificazione Host Attivi
Name[zh_CN]=• 存活主机识别
Name[zh_HK]=• 存活主機識別
Name[zh_TW]=• 存活主機識別
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• IDS/IPS Identification
Name[fr]=• Détection de IDS/IPS
Name[es]=• Identificación de IDS/IPS
Name[hr]=• Identifikacija IDS/IPS
Name[de]=• IDS- & IPS-Identifikation
Name[it]=• Identificazione IDS/IPS
Name[zh_CN]=• IDS/IPS 识别
Name[zh_HK]=• IDS/IPS 識別
Name[zh_TW]=• IDS/IPS 識別
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Network & Port Scanners
Name[fr]=• Numérisation Réseau
Name[es]=• Escáner de Redes
Name[hr]=• Mrezni Skeneri
Name[de]=• Netzwerkscanner
Name[it]=• Scanner di Rete
Name[zh_CN]=• 网络扫描
Name[zh_HK]=• 網絡掃描
Name[zh_TW]=• 網絡掃描
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• OSINT Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse OSINT
Name[es]=• Análisis OSINT
Name[hr]=• Analiza OSINT
Name[de]=• OpenSource Intelligence (OSINT) Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi OSINT
Name[zh_CN]=• 情报分析
Name[zh_HK]=• 情報分析
Name[zh_TW]=• 情報分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Route Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse Route
Name[es]=• Análisis de Ruteo
Name[hr]=• Analiza Ruta
Name[de]=• Routenanalyse
Name[it]=• Analisi Route di Rete
Name[zh_CN]=• 路由分析
Name[zh_HK]=• 路由分析
Name[zh_TW]=• 路由分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• SMB Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse SMB
Name[es]=• Análisis SMB
Name[hr]=• SMB Analiza
Name[de]=• SMB-Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi SMB
Name[zh_CN]=• SMB分析
Name[zh_HK]=• SMB分析
Name[zh_TW]=• SMB分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• SMTP Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse SMTP
Name[es]=• Análisis SMTP
Name[hr]=• SMTP Analiza
Name[de]=• SMTP-Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi SMTP
Name[zh_CN]=• SMTP分析
Name[zh_HK]=• SMTP分析
Name[zh_TW]=• SMTP分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• SNMP Analysis
Name[es]=• Análisis SNMP
Name[hr]=• SNMP Analiza
Name[de]=• SNMP-Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi SNMP
Name[zh_CN]=• SNMP分析
Name[zh_HK]=• SNMP分析
Name[zh_TW]=• SNMP分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• SSL Analysis
Name[fr]=• Analyse SSL
Name[es]=• Análisis SSL
Name[hr]=• SSL Analiza
Name[de]=• SSL-Analyse
Name[it]=• Analisi SSL
Name[zh_CN]=• SSL分析
Name[zh_HK]=• SSL分析
Name[zh_TW]=• SSL分析
[Desktop Entry]
Name=01 - Information Gathering
Name[fr]=01 - Récupération d'informations
Name[es]=-01 - Recopilación de Información
Name[hr]=01 - Prikupljanje Informacija
Name[de]=01 - Informationsbeschaffung
Name[it]=01 - Recupero Informazioni
Name[zh_CN]=01 - 信息收集
Name[zh_HK]=01 - 信息收集
Name[zh_TW]=01 - 信息收集