Commit a1eb3221 authored by Nong Hoang Tu's avatar Nong Hoang Tu
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Add show exception msg

Fix dev_mail to dev_email
parent 60e95daa
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......@@ -134,14 +134,15 @@ proc initConfig*(config: var ProgConf): bool =
# Check name and email of maintainer
if isEmptyOrWhitespace(conf["dev_name"].getStr()) or
mainLog.log(lvlError, "Name and email of maintainer must be not empty!")
return false
config.devName = conf["dev_name"].getStr()
config.devMail = conf["dev_mail"].getStr()
config.devMail = conf["dev_email"].getStr()
mainLog.log(lvlInfo, "Load configuration completed.")
return true
mainLog.log(lvlError, "Unexpected error while reading configurations.")
echo getCurrentExceptionMsg()
return false
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