Commit de682a6f authored by Nong Hoang Tu's avatar Nong Hoang Tu
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Change method of log for up-to-date status so maintainer will not confused

parent 8d4b03e0
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......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ proc doUpdateProject(config: ProgConf, project: DebPackage): Err =
project.log.logDebug(, "Checking new update at " & project.path)
let updateStt = checkUpdate(config.uscanPath, project.path, localVer, serverVer, stderr)
if updateStt == Err.updated:
project.log.logInfo(, "Up to date")
project.log.logDebug(, " is having latest version")
return Err.updated
elif updateStt == Err.failed:
project.log.logErr(, "Error while checking for new version", stderr)
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