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Removed the extra links and transferred them more cleanly to the menu bar.  Moved the canary warning to the bottom footer but left it in the menu above for easy access.

It should be removed from the menu bar as well so it only has to be updated and/or removed from a single very noticeable place. 
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......@@ -19,28 +19,6 @@ The documentation is a continuous work in progress, and all Parrot users are inv
# Documentation
### User Guide
- [Getting Started](getting-started/
- [Using Parrot](info/
- [Troubleshooting](trbl/
### Infrastructure Zone
- [CDN Speedtest](
- [Parrot's Network Map](
### Developer zone
- [Developer Portal](
- [Developer Documentation](dev/
### Side projects
- [Aenigma Federated XMPP Server](
......@@ -64,32 +42,23 @@ We have a staff of volunteers and community members who can help you
troubleshoot system bugs and guide you from installation to configuration
and customization of the system.
### Debian Documentation
ParrotOS is based on top of the testing branch of Debian GNU operating system, so most of the [Debian Documentation]( is valid for Parrot as well.
* [Debian Handbook](, the comprehensive user manual
* [Debian Reference](, a terse user's guide with the focus on the shell command line
* [The Debian Wiki](
[Warrant Canary](legal/warrant-canary)
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