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title: "Parrot 4.10 Release Notes"
date: 2020-08-16T11:30:12+02:00
author: palinuro
image: images/backgrounds/macaw-poly2.jpg
image: images/blog/parrot-4.10.jpg
description : "Parrot 4.9 is now available for download, read the release notes"
# Parrot 4.10
We are proud to announce the release of Parrot OS 4.10.
This new version includes many important updates to make the distribution more reliable and more secure.
......@@ -134,4 +133,4 @@ You can follow our development progress [here](https://nest.parrotsec.org/org/pa
Happy hacking
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Happy hacking
......@@ -3,9 +3,11 @@ banner:
enable : true
bg_image : "images/backgrounds/macaw-poly2.jpg"
icon : "" # themify icon pack : https://themify.me/themify-icons
title : "The Parrot Project"
title : "Parrot Security"
content : "All-in-one framework for Cyber Security, Software Development and Privacy Defense."
enable : true
label : "Explore Us"
link : "#goals"
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label : "Download"
link : "#goals"
label2 : "4.10 Release Notes"
link2 : "blog/parrot-4.10-release-notes"
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enable : true
image : images/about/about-business-man.jpg
image : images/about/notebook.png
title : We are the Parrot Project
description : Parrot is a worldwide community of developers and security specialists that work together to build a shared framework of tools to make their job easier, standardized and more reliable and secure.
description2 : Parrot OS, the flagship product of Parrot Security is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and designed with Security and Privacy in mind. It includes a full portable laboratory for all kinds of cyber security operations, from pentesting to digital forensics and reverse engineering, but it also includes everything needed to develop your own software or keep your data secure.
{{ $data := index .Site.Data .Site.Language.Lang }}
{{ if $data.banner.banner.enable }}
{{ with $data.banner.banner }}
{{"<!-- Welcome Slider-->" | safeHTML}}
<section class="hero-area" style='background-image: url("{{ .bg_image_webp | absURL }}")'>
<!-- this image is for trigger this section fallback background image -->
<img style="display: none;" onerror="this.onerror=null;this.parentElement.style.backgroundImage= 'url({{ .bg_image | absURL }})'" src="{{ .bg_image_webp | absURL }}" />
<div class="block">
{{ if .icon }}
<div class="video-button">
<i class="{{ .icon }}"></i>
{{ end }}
<h1>{{ .title | markdownify }}</h1>
<p>{{ .content | markdownify }}</p>
{{ if .button.enable }}
{{ with .button }}
<a href="{{ .link }}" class="btn btn-transparent page-scroll">{{ .label }}</a> <a href="{{ .link2 }}" class="btn btn-transparent page-scroll">{{ .label2 }}</a>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{"<!-- /Welcome Slider-->" | safeHTML}}
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