Import Debian version 1.59+parrot1

init-system-helpers (1.59+parrot1) rolling-testing; urgency=medium

  * Import new Debian release.

init-system-helpers (1.58) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Guilhem Moulin ]
  * Ensure dh_installsystemduser(1)-added snippets pass piuparts.
    Claim ownership of /etc/systemd/user (like /etc/systemd/system)
    and make `deb-systemd-helper --user unmask` remove
    /var/lib/systemd/deb-systemd-user-helper-masked if empty
    (like `deb-systemd-helper unmask` does for
    For packages shipping user units installed with dh_installsystemduser(1).
    (Closes: #964159)

  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * man: Fix typo in service(8) man page (Closes: #925995)
  * update-rc.d: Consider /usr/lib/systemd/system when searching for unit files
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