Commit 354ed600 authored by Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra
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Import Debian changes 5.6.14-2parrot1

linux (5.6.14-2parrot1) rolling; urgency=medium

  * Import new Debian release.

linux (5.6.14-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream stable update:
    - mm: check that mm is still valid in madvise()
    - watchdog: reset last_hw_keepalive time at start
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix kasan slab-out-of-bounds error in lpfc_unreg_login
    - xfs: correctly acount for reclaimable slabs
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix crash after handling a pci error
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix crash in target side cable pulls hitting WAIT_FOR_UNREG
    - scsi: libfc: If PRLI rejected, move rport to PLOGI state
    - ceph: return ceph_mdsc_do_request() errors from __get_parent()
    - ceph: don't skip updating wanted caps when cap is stale
    - [armhf] pwm: imx27: Fix clock handling in pwm_imx27_apply()
    - nvme-tcp: fix possible crash in write_zeroes processing
    - scsi: iscsi: Report unbind session event when the target has been
    - [x86] ASoC: Intel: atom: Take the drv->lock mutex before calling
    - nvme: fix deadlock caused by ANA update wrong locking
    - drm/amd/display: Update stream adjust in dc_stream_adjust_vmin_vmax
    - dma-direct: fix data truncation in dma_direct_get_required_mask()
    - kernel/gcov/fs.c: gcov_seq_next() should increase position index
    - ipc/util.c: sysvipc_find_ipc() should increase position index
    - block: fix busy device checking in blk_drop_partitions
    - [s390x] cio: generate delayed uevent for vfio-ccw subchannels
    - [s390x] cio: avoid duplicated 'ADD' uevents
    - loop: Better discard support for block devices
    - [powerpc*] Revert "powerpc/64: irq_work avoid interrupt when called with
      hardware irqs enabled"
    - [powerpc*] pseries: Fix MCE handling on pseries
    - nvme: fix compat address handling in several ioctls
    - pwm: renesas-tpu: Fix late Runtime PM enablement
    - [armel, armhf, arm64] pwm: bcm2835: Dynamically allocate base
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix erroneous cpu limit of 128 on I/O statistics
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix lockdep error - register non-static key
    - perf/core: Disable page faults when getting phys address
    - drm/amd/display: Calculate scaling ratios on every medium/full update
    - ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for MPMAN MPWIN895CL tablet
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 quirk
    - xhci: Ensure link state is U3 after setting USB_SS_PORT_LS_U3
    - xhci: Wait until link state trainsits to U0 after setting
    - xhci: Finetune host initiated USB3 rootport link suspend and resume
    - block: fix busy device checking in blk_drop_partitions again
    - cxgb4: fix adapter crash due to wrong MC size
    - cxgb4: fix large delays in PTP synchronization
    - ipv4: Update fib_select_default to handle nexthop objects
    - ipv6: fix restrict IPV6_ADDRFORM operation
    - macsec: avoid to set wrong mtu
    - macvlan: fix null dereference in macvlan_device_event()
    - mlxsw: Fix some IS_ERR() vs NULL bugs
    - [arm64] net: bcmgenet: correct per TX/RX ring statistics
    - net/mlx4_en: avoid indirect call in TX completion
    - net: netrom: Fix potential nr_neigh refcnt leak in nr_add_node
    - net: openvswitch: ovs_ct_exit to be done under ovs_lock
    - [armhf, arm64] net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: Add missing boundary to RGMII
      TX clock array
    - net/x25: Fix x25_neigh refcnt leak when receiving frame
    - sched: etf: do not assume all sockets are full blown
    - tcp: cache line align MAX_TCP_HEADER
    - team: fix hang in team_mode_get()
    - tipc: Fix potential tipc_aead refcnt leak in tipc_crypto_rcv
    - tipc: Fix potential tipc_node refcnt leak in tipc_rcv
    - vrf: Fix IPv6 with qdisc and xfrm
    - net: dsa: b53: Lookup VID in ARL searches when VLAN is enabled
    - net: dsa: b53: Fix valid setting for MDB entries
    - net: dsa: b53: Fix ARL register definitions
    - net: dsa: b53: Rework ARL bin logic
    - net: dsa: b53: b53_arl_rw_op() needs to select IVL or SVL
    - vxlan: use the correct nlattr array in NL_SET_ERR_MSG_ATTR
    - geneve: use the correct nlattr array in NL_SET_ERR_MSG_ATTR
    - xfrm: Always set XFRM_TRANSFORMED in xfrm{4,6}_output_finish
    - vrf: Check skb for XFRM_TRANSFORMED flag
    - net: ethernet: ixp4xx: Add error handling in ixp4xx_eth_probe()
    - KEYS: Avoid false positive ENOMEM error on key read
    - ALSA: hda: Remove ASUS ROG Zenith from the blacklist
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add static mapping table for ALC1220-VB-based mobos
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add connector notifier delegation
    - mac80211: populate debugfs only after cfg80211 init
    - libbpf: Only check mode flags in get_xdp_id
    - iio: core: remove extra semi-colon from devm_iio_device_register() macro
    - iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: flush hw FIFO before resetting the device
    - iio: st_sensors: rely on odr mask to know if odr can be set
    - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix sleep in atomic context
    - iio: adc: ti-ads8344: properly byte swap value
    - USB: sisusbvga: Change port variable from signed to unsigned
    - USB: early: Handle AMD's spec-compliant identifiers, too
    - USB: core: Fix free-while-in-use bug in the USB S-Glibrary
    - USB: hub: Fix handling of connect changes during sleep
    - USB: hub: Revert commit bd0e6c9614b9 ("usb: hub: try old enumeration
      scheme first for high speed devices")
    - tty: serial: owl: add "much needed" clk_prepare_enable()
    - vmalloc: fix remap_vmalloc_range() bounds checks
    - staging: gasket: Fix incongruency in handling of sysfs entries creation
    - coredump: fix null pointer dereference on coredump
    - mm/hugetlb: fix a addressing exception caused by huge_pte_offset
    - mm/ksm: fix NULL pointer dereference when KSM zero page is enabled
    - ALSA: usx2y: Fix potential NULL dereference
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix unexpected init_amp override
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add new codec supported for ALC245
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Add module option to disable audio component binding
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix usb audio refcnt leak when getting spdif
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Filter out unsupported sample rates on Focusrite
    - tpm/tpm_tis: Free IRQ if probing fails
    - tpm: fix wrong return value in tpm_pcr_extend
    - tpm: ibmvtpm: retry on H_CLOSED in tpm_ibmvtpm_send()
    - [s390x] KVM: Return last valid slot if approx index is out-of-bounds
    - KVM: Check validity of resolved slot when searching memslots
    - [x86] KVM: VMX: Enable machine check support for 32bit targets
    - tty: hvc: fix buffer overflow during hvc_alloc().
    - tty: rocket, avoid OOB access
    - usb-storage: Add unusual_devs entry for JMicron JMS566
    - signal: Avoid corrupting si_pid and si_uid in do_notify_parent
    - drm/dp_mst: Zero assigned PBN when releasing VCPI slots
    - audit: check the length of userspace generated audit records
    - ASoC: dapm: fixup dapm kcontrol widget
    - SUNRPC: Fix backchannel RPC soft lockups
    - iwlwifi: pcie: actually release queue memory in TVQM
    - iwlwifi: mvm: beacon statistics shouldn't go backwards
    - iwlwifi: pcie: indicate correct RB size to device
    - iwlwifi: mvm: limit maximum queue appropriately
    - iwlwifi: mvm: Do not declare support for ACK Enabled Aggregation
    - iwlwifi: mvm: fix inactive TID removal return value usage
    - iwlwifi: fix WGDS check when WRDS is disabled
    - cifs: fix uninitialised lease_key in open_shroot()
    - [armhf] imx: provide v7_cpu_resume() only on ARM_CPU_SUSPEND=y
    - [powerpc*] 8xx: Fix STRICT_KERNEL_RWX startup test failure
    - [powerpc*] setup_64: Set cache-line-size based on cache-block-size
    - [x86] staging: comedi: dt2815: fix writing hi byte of analog output
    - [x86] staging: comedi: Fix comedi_device refcnt leak in comedi_open
    - vt: don't hardcode the mem allocation upper bound
    - vt: don't use kmalloc() for the unicode screen buffer
    - [x86] staging: vt6656: Don't set RCR_MULTICAST or RCR_BROADCAST by
    - [x86] staging: vt6656: Fix calling conditions of vnt_set_bss_mode
    - [x86] staging: vt6656: Fix drivers TBTT timing counter.
    - [x86] staging: vt6656: Fix pairwise key entry save.
    - [x86] staging: vt6656: Power save stop wake_up_count wrap around.
    - [x86] mei: me: fix irq number stored in hw struct
    - cdc-acm: close race betrween suspend() and acm_softint
    - cdc-acm: introduce a cool down
    - UAS: no use logging any details in case of ENODEV
    - UAS: fix deadlock in error handling and PM flushing work
    - fpga: dfl: pci: fix return value of cci_pci_sriov_configure
    - [armhf, arm64] usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix request completion check
    - usb: f_fs: Clear OS Extended descriptor counts to zero in
    - [x86] usb: typec: tcpm: Ignore CC and vbus changes in PORT_RESET change
    - [x86] usb: typec: altmode: Fix typec_altmode_get_partner sometimes
      returning an invalid pointer
    - xhci: Fix handling halted endpoint even if endpoint ring appears empty
    - xhci: prevent bus suspend if a roothub port detected a over-current
    - xhci: Don't clear hub TT buffer on ep0 protocol stall
    - serial: sh-sci: Make sure status register SCxSR is read in correct
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Fix uartps_major handling"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Use the same dynamic major number for all ports"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Fix error path when alloc failed"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Do not allow use aliases >= MAX_UART_INSTANCES"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Change uart ID port allocation"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Move Port ID to device data structure"
    - Revert "serial: uartps: Register own uart console and driver structures"
    - [x86] drm/i915/gt: Update PMINTRMSK holding fw
    - ubifs: Fix ubifs_tnc_lookup() usage in do_kill_orphans()
    - printk: queue wake_up_klogd irq_work only if per-CPU areas are ready
    - [armhf] ASoC: stm32: sai: fix sai probe
    - [armhf, arm64] usb: dwc3: gadget: Do link recovery for SS and SSP
    - [armel, armhf] ARM: dts: bcm283x: Add cells encoding format to firmware
    - usb: gadget: udc: bdc: Remove unnecessary NULL checks in
    - usb: gadget: udc: atmel: Fix vbus disconnect handling
    - afs: Make record checking use TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE when appropriate
    - afs: Fix to actually set AFS_SERVER_FL_HAVE_EPOCH
    - iio:ad7797: Use correct attribute_group
    - iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: fix read misalignment on untagged FIFO
    - iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: specify slave odr in slv_odr
    - propagate_one(): mnt_set_mountpoint() needs mount_lock
    - counter: 104-quad-8: Add lock guards - generic interface
    - [s390x] ftrace: fix potential crashes when switching tracers
    - ASoC: q6dsp6: q6afe-dai: add missing channels to MI2S DAIs
    - iwlwifi: actually check allocated conf_tlv pointer
    - ASoC: tas571x: disable regulators on failed probe
    - [armhf, arm64] ASoC: meson: axg-card: fix codec-to-codec link setup
    - ASoC: wm8960: Fix wrong clock after suspend & resume
    - nfsd: memory corruption in nfsd4_lock()
    - [armhf] dts: OMAP3: disable RNG on N950/N9
    - bpf: Forbid XADD on spilled pointers for unprivileged users
    - brcmfmac: add stub for monitor interface xmit
    - i2c: altera: use proper variable to hold errno
    - clk: asm9260: fix __clk_hw_register_fixed_rate_with_accuracy typo
    - rtw88: avoid unused function warnings
    - hwmon: (drivetemp) Return -ENODATA for invalid temperatures
    - rxrpc: Fix DATA Tx to disable nofrag for UDP on AF_INET6 socket
    - netfilter: nf_tables: reintroduce the NFT_SET_CONCAT flag
    - [x86] efi: Don't remap text<->rodata gap read-only for mixed mode
    - net/cxgb4: Check the return from t4_query_params properly
    - tipc: fix incorrect increasing of link window
    - xfs: acquire superblock freeze protection on eofblocks scans
    - svcrdma: Fix trace point use-after-free race
    - svcrdma: Fix leak of svc_rdma_recv_ctxt objects
    - [armhf, arm64] net/mlx5e: Don't trigger IRQ multiple times on XSK wakeup
      to avoid WQ overruns
    - [armhf, arm64] net/mlx5e: Get the latest values from counters in
      switchdev mode
    - PCI: Avoid ASMedia XHCI USB PME# from D0 defect
    - PCI: Add Zhaoxin Vendor ID
    - PCI: Add ACS quirk for Zhaoxin multi-function devices
    - PCI: Add ACS quirk for Zhaoxin Root/Downstream Ports
    - PCI: Move Apex Edge TPU class quirk to fix BAR assignment
    - ARM: dts: bcm283x: Disable dsi0 node
    - cpumap: Avoid warning when CONFIG_DEBUG_PER_CPU_MAPS is enabled
    - [s390x] pci: do not set affinity for floating irqs
    - remoteproc: mtk_scp: use dma_addr_t for DMA API
    - net/mlx5: Fix failing fw tracer allocation on s390
    - sched/core: Fix reset-on-fork from RT with uclamp
    - perf/core: fix parent pid/tid in task exit events
    - netfilter: nat: fix error handling upon registering inet hook
    - PM: sleep: core: Switch back to async_schedule_dev()
    - blk-iocost: Fix error on iocost_ioc_vrate_adj
    - bpf: Fix handling of XADD on BTF memory
    - [x86] bpf: Fix encoding for lower 8-bit registers in BPF_STX BPF_B
    - [x86] bpf: x32: Fix incorrect encoding in BPF_LDX zero-extension
    - [x86] bpf: x32: Fix clobbering of dst for BPF_JSET
    - [x86] bpf, x32: Fix logic error in BPF_LDX zero-extension
    - bpf: Propagate expected_attach_type when verifying freplace programs
    - mm: shmem: disable interrupt when acquiring info->lock in
      userfaultfd_copy path
    - xfs: clear PF_MEMALLOC before exiting xfsaild thread
    - libbpf: Initialize *nl_pid so gcc 10 is happy
    - [armhf] net: fec: set GPR bit on suspend by DT configuration.
    - [x86] hyperv: report value of misc_features
    - signal: check sig before setting info in kill_pid_usb_asyncio
    - afs: Fix length of dump of bad YFSFetchStatus record
    - xfs: fix partially uninitialized structure in xfs_reflink_remap_extent
    - ALSA: hda: Release resources at error in delayed probe
    - ALSA: hda: Keep the controller initialization even if no codecs found
    - ALSA: hda: Explicitly permit using autosuspend if runtime PM is
    - drm/amdgpu: fix wrong vram lost counter increment V2
    - scsi: target: fix PR IN / READ FULL STATUS for FC
    - scsi: target: tcmu: reset_ring should reset TCMU_DEV_BIT_BROKEN
    - objtool: Fix CONFIG_UBSAN_TRAP unreachable warnings
    - objtool: Support Clang non-section symbols in ORC dump
    - xen/xenbus: ensure xenbus_map_ring_valloc() returns proper grant status
    - ALSA: hda: call runtime_allow() for all hda controllers
    - net: stmmac: socfpga: Allow all RGMII modes
    - mac80211: fix channel switch trigger from unknown mesh peer
    - sched/isolation: Allow "isolcpus=" to skip unknown sub-parameters
    - sched/vtime: Work around an unitialized variable warning
    - [arm64] Delete the space separator in __emit_inst
    - ext4: use matching invalidatepage in ext4_writepage
    - ext4: increase wait time needed before reuse of deleted inode numbers
    - ext4: convert BUG_ON's to WARN_ON's in mballoc.c
    - irqchip/gic-v4.1: Add support for VPENDBASER's Dirty+Valid signaling
    - blk-mq: Put driver tag in blk_mq_dispatch_rq_list() when no budget
    - irqchip/meson-gpio: Fix HARDIRQ-safe -> HARDIRQ-unsafe lock order
    - hwmon: (jc42) Fix name to have no illegal characters
    - sfc: fix XDP-redirect in this driver
    - taprio: do not use BIT() in TCA_TAPRIO_ATTR_FLAG_* definitions
    - tipc: Add a missing case of TIPC_DIRECT_MSG type
    - qed: Fix race condition between scheduling and destroying the slowpath
    - Crypto: chelsio - Fixes a hang issue during driver registration
    - net: use indirect call wrappers for skb_copy_datagram_iter()
    - qed: Fix use after free in qed_chain_free
    - ext4: check for non-zero journal inum in ext4_calculate_overhead
    - ASoC: soc-pcm: fix regression in soc_new_pcm()
    - ASoC: soc-core: disable route checks for legacy devices
    - [armhf] ASoC: stm32: spdifrx: fix regmap status check
    - Revert "ASoC: meson: axg-card: fix codec-to-codec link setup"
    - drm/scheduler: fix drm_sched_get_cleanup_job
    - dma-buf: Fix SET_NAME ioctl uapi
    - drm/amdgpu: invalidate L2 before SDMA IBs (v2)
    - drm/edid: Fix off-by-one in DispID DTD pixel clock
    - drm/amd/display: Fix green screen issue after suspend
    - [x86] drm/i915/gem: Hold obj->vma.lock over for_each_ggtt_vma()
    - [x86] drm/i915/gt: Check cacheline is valid before acquiring
    - drm/qxl: qxl_release leak in qxl_draw_dirty_fb()
    - drm/qxl: qxl_release leak in qxl_hw_surface_alloc()
    - drm/qxl: qxl_release use after free
    - NFSv4.1: fix handling of backchannel binding in BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION
    - btrfs: fix transaction leak in btrfs_recover_relocation
    - btrfs: fix block group leak when removing fails
    - btrfs: fix partial loss of prealloc extent past i_size after fsync
    - btrfs: transaction: Avoid deadlock due to bad initialization timing of
    - mmc: cqhci: Avoid false "cqhci: CQE stuck on" by not open-coding timeout
    - [arm64] mmc: sdhci-xenon: fix annoying 1.8V regulator warning
    - mmc: sdhci-pci: Fix eMMC driver strength for BYT-based controllers
    - [arm64] mmc: sdhci-msm: Enable host capabilities pertains to R1b
    - [armhf] mmc: meson-mx-sdio: Set MMC_CAP_WAIT_WHILE_BUSY
    - [armhf] mmc: meson-mx-sdio: remove the broken ->card_busy() op
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Two front mics on a Lenovo ThinkCenter
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Correct a typo of NuPrime DAC-10 USB ID
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix without unlocked before return
    - ALSA: line6: Fix POD HD500 audio playback
    - ALSA: pcm: oss: Place the plugin buffer overflow checks correctly
    - [x86] i2c: amd-mp2-pci: Fix Oops in amd_mp2_pci_init() error handling
    - [x86] hyperv: Suspend/resume the VP assist page for hibernation
    - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix Suspend-to-Idle for Generation-2 VM
    - dlmfs_file_write(): fix the bogosity in handling non-zero *ppos
    - selinux: properly handle multiple messages in selinux_netlink_send()
    - [amd64] IB/rdmavt: Always return ERR_PTR from rvt_create_mmap_info()
    - PM: ACPI: Output correct message on target power state
    - PM: hibernate: Freeze kernel threads in software_resume()
    - dm writecache: fix data corruption when reloading the target
    - dm multipath: use updated MPATHF_QUEUE_IO on mapping for bio-based mpath
    - block: remove the bd_openers checks in blk_drop_partitions
    - scsi: qla2xxx: set UNLOADING before waiting for session deletion
    - scsi: qla2xxx: check UNLOADING before posting async work
    - RDMA/mlx5: Set GRH fields in query QP on RoCE
    - RDMA/uverbs: Fix a race with disassociate and exit_mmap()
    - RDMA/mlx4: Initialize ib_spec on the stack
    - RDMA/core: Prevent mixed use of FDs between shared ufiles
    - RDMA/core: Fix overwriting of uobj in case of error
    - RDMA/core: Fix race between destroy and release FD object
    - RDMA/cm: Fix ordering of xa_alloc_cyclic() in ib_create_cm_id()
    - RDMA/cm: Fix an error check in cm_alloc_id_priv()
    - [arm64] dmaengine: hisilicon: Fix build error without PCI_MSI
    - [x86,arm64] vfio: avoid possible overflow in vfio_iommu_type1_pin_pages
    - [x86,arm64] vfio/type1: Fix VA->PA translation for PFNMAP VMAs in
    - [arm64] iommu/qcom: Fix local_base status check
    - dmaengine: fix channel index enumeration
    - scsi: target/iblock: fix WRITE SAME zeroing
    - iommu: Properly export iommu_group_get_for_dev()
    - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Use right Kconfig option name
    - [amd64] iommu/amd: Fix legacy interrupt remapping for x2APIC-enabled
    - [armhf] i2c: aspeed: Avoid i2c interrupt status clear race condition.
    - [i386] ALSA: opti9xx: shut up gcc-10 range warning
    - Fix use after free in get_tree_bdev()
    - nvme: prevent double free in nvme_alloc_ns() error handling
    - nfs: Fix potential posix_acl refcnt leak in nfs3_set_acl
    - [x86] drm/i915: Use proper fault mask in interrupt postinstall too
    - [arm64] vdso: Add -fasynchronous-unwind-tables to cflags
    - io_uring: statx must grab the file table for valid fd
    - vhost: vsock: kick send_pkt worker once device is started
    - [arm64,armhf] drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Split bind() into probe() and
      real bind()
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Add missing memory checks
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_create_tlv
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_*_create
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Check soc_tplg_add_route return value
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Check return value of pcm_new_ver
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_dai_config
    - SUNRPC/cache: Fix unsafe traverse caused double-free in cache_purge
    - scsi: sg: add sg_remove_request in sg_write (CVE-2020-12770)
    - [armhf] ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix VAG power-on handling
    - [x86] ASoC: topology: Fix endianness issue
    - [arm64,armhf] usb: dwc3: gadget: Properly set maxpacket limit
    - [x86] ASoC: codecs: hdac_hdmi: Fix incorrect use of list_for_each_entry
    - wimax/i2400m: Fix potential urb refcnt leak
    - [armhf] net: stmmac: fix enabling socfpga's ptp_ref_clock
    - [arm64,armhf] net: stmmac: Fix sub-second increment
    - cifs: protect updating server->dstaddr with a spinlock
    - cifs: do not share tcons with DFS
    - tracing: Fix memory leaks in trace_events_hist.c
    - ftrace: Fix memory leak caused by not freeing entry in
    - mac80211: sta_info: Add lockdep condition for RCU list usage
    - [arm64] net: bcmgenet: suppress warnings on failed Rx SKB allocations
    - sctp: Fix SHUTDOWN CTSN Ack in the peer restart case
    - drm/amdgpu: Fix oops when pp_funcs is unset in ACPI event
    - ALSA: hda: Match both PCI ID and SSID for driver blacklist
    - [x86] kvm: fix a missing-prototypes "vmread_error"
    - [x86] platform: GPD pocket fan: Fix error message when temp-limits are
      out of range
    - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Fix comment in acpi_s2idle_prepare_late()
    - mac80211: add ieee80211_is_any_nullfunc()
    - cgroup, netclassid: remove double cond_resched
    - mm/mremap: Add comment explaining the untagging behaviour of mremap()
    - [x86] thunderbolt: Check return value of tb_sw_read() in
    - USB: serial: qcserial: Add DW5816e support
    - drm/amdgpu: move kfd suspend after ip_suspend_phase1
    - drm/amdgpu: drop redundant cg/pg ungate on runpm enter
    - vt: fix unicode console freeing with a common interface
    - [arm64] tty: xilinx_uartps: Fix missing id assignment to the console
    - ext4: don't set dioread_nolock by default for blocksize < pagesize
    - ext4: disable dioread_nolock whenever delayed allocation is disabled
    - nvme: refactor nvme_identify_ns_descs error handling
    - nvme: fix possible hang when ns scanning fails during error recovery
    - tracing/kprobes: Fix a double initialization typo
    - [arm64,riscv64] net: macb: Fix runtime PM refcounting
    - cxgb4: fix EOTID leak when disabling TC-MQPRIO offload
    - devlink: Fix reporter's recovery condition
    - devlink: fix return value after hitting end in region read
    - fq_codel: fix TCA_FQ_CODEL_DROP_BATCH_SIZE sanity checks
    - ipv6: Use global sernum for dst validation with nexthop objects
    - neigh: send protocol value in neighbor create notification
    - net: bridge: vlan: Add a schedule point during VLAN processing
    - [arm64,armhf] net: dsa: Do not leave DSA master with NULL netdev_ops
    - [arm64,armhf] net: dsa: Do not make user port errors fatal
    - [arm64,riscv64] net: macb: fix an issue about leak related system
    - net: macsec: preserve ingress frame ordering
    - net/mlx4_core: Fix use of ENOSPC around mlx4_counter_alloc()
    - net: phy: marvell10g: fix temperature sensor on 2110
    - net_sched: sch_skbprio: add message validation to skbprio_change()
    - net: stricter validation of untrusted gso packets
    - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for DW5816e
    - nfp: abm: fix a memory leak bug
    - sch_choke: avoid potential panic in choke_reset()
    - sch_sfq: validate silly quantum values
    - tipc: fix partial topology connection closure
    - tunnel: Propagate ECT(1) when decapsulating as recommended by RFC6040
    - bnxt_en: Fix VF anti-spoof filter setup.
    - bnxt_en: Reduce BNXT_MSIX_VEC_MAX value to supported CQs per PF.
    - bnxt_en: Improve AER slot reset.
    - bnxt_en: Return error when allocating zero size context memory.
    - bnxt_en: Fix VLAN acceleration handling in bnxt_fix_features().
    - net/mlx5: DR, On creation set CQ's arm_db member to right value
    - net/mlx5: Fix forced completion access non initialized command entry
    - net/mlx5: Fix command entry leak in Internal Error State
    - net/mlx5e: Fix q counters on uplink representors
    - [arm64,armhf] net: mvpp2: prevent buffer overflow in mvpp22_rss_ctx()
    - [arm64,armhf] net: mvpp2: cls: Prevent buffer overflow in
    - wireguard: queueing: cleanup ptr_ring in error path of packet_queue_init
    - wireguard: receive: use tunnel helpers for decapsulating ECN markings
    - wireguard: socket: remove errant restriction on looping to self
    - wireguard: send/receive: cond_resched() when processing worker
    - HID: wacom: Read HID_DG_CONTACTMAX directly for non-generic devices
    - sctp: Fix bundling of SHUTDOWN with COOKIE-ACK
    - Revert "HID: wacom: generic: read the number of expected touches on a
      per collection basis"
    - HID: usbhid: Fix race between usbhid_close() and usbhid_stop()
    - HID: wacom: Report 2nd-gen Intuos Pro S center button status over BT
    - USB: uas: add quirk for LaCie 2Big Quadra
    - [arm64,armhf] usb: chipidea: msm: Ensure proper controller reset using
      role switch API
    - USB: serial: garmin_gps: add sanity checking for data length
    - tracing/boottime: Fix kprobe event API usage
    - tracing/kprobes: Reject new event if loc is NULL
    - tracing: Wait for preempt irq delay thread to finish
    - tracing: Add a vmalloc_sync_mappings() for safe measure
    - crypto: arch/lib - limit simd usage to 4k chunks
    - [s390x] KVM: Remove false WARN_ON_ONCE for the PQAP instruction
    - [x86] KVM: VMX: Explicitly clear RFLAGS.CF and RFLAGS.ZF in VM-Exit RSB
    - [arm64,armhf] KVM: vgic: Fix limit condition when writing to
    - [arm64] KVM: Fix 32bit PC wrap-around
    - [arm64] hugetlb: avoid potential NULL dereference
    - driver core: platform: Initialize dma_parms for platform devices
    - [arm*] amba: Initialize dma_parms for amba devices
    - [x86] mei: me: disable mei interface on LBG servers.
    - ipc/mqueue.c: change __do_notify() to bypass check_kill_permission()
    - epoll: atomically remove wait entry on wake up
    - eventpoll: fix missing wakeup for ovflist in ep_poll_callback
    - mm/page_alloc: fix watchdog soft lockups during set_zone_contiguous()
    - mm: limit boost_watermark on small zones
    - ceph: fix endianness bug when handling MDS session feature bits
    - ceph: demote quotarealm lookup warning to a debug message
    - coredump: fix crash when umh is disabled
    - [riscv64] set max_pfn to the PFN of the last page
    - batman-adv: fix batadv_nc_random_weight_tq
    - batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_show_throughput_override
    - batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_store_throughput_override
    - batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_v_ogm_process
    - [x86] mm/cpa: Flush direct map alias during cpa
    - [x86] entry/64: Fix unwind hints in register clearing code
    - [x86] entry/64: Fix unwind hints in kernel exit path
    - [x86] entry/64: Fix unwind hints in __switch_to_asm()
    - [x86] entry/64: Fix unwind hints in rewind_stack_do_exit()
    - [amd64] x86/unwind/orc: Don't skip the first frame for inactive tasks
    - [amd64] x86/unwind/orc: Prevent unwinding before ORC initialization
    - [amd64] x86/unwind/orc: Fix error path for bad ORC entry type
    - [amd64] x86/unwind/orc: Fix premature unwind stoppage due to IRET frames
    - [x86] KVM: Fixes posted interrupt check for IRQs delivery modes
    - [x86] arch/x86/kvm/svm/sev.c: change flag passed to GUP fast in
    - netfilter: nat: never update the UDP checksum when it's 0
    - netfilter: nf_osf: avoid passing pointer to local var
    - [x86] kvm: ioapic: Restrict lazy EOI update to edge-triggered interrupts
    - scripts/decodecode: fix trapping instruction formatting
    - mm, memcg: fix error return value of mem_cgroup_css_alloc()
    - bdi: move bdi_dev_name out of line
    - bdi: add a ->dev_name field to struct backing_dev_info
    - io_uring: don't use 'fd' for openat/openat2/statx
    - fsnotify: replace inode pointer with an object id
    - fanotify: merge duplicate events on parent and child
    - [x86] KVM: nVMX: Consolidate nested MTF checks to helper function
    - [x86] kvm: nVMX: reflect MTF VM-exits if injected by L1
    - xprtrdma: Clean up the post_send path
    - xprtrdma: Fix trace point use-after-free race
    - [x86] drm/i915/tgl: Add Wa_14010477008:tgl
    - [x86] drm/i915/tgl: TBT AUX should use TC power well ops
    - [x86] drm/i915/display: Load DP_TP_CTL/STATUS offset before use it
    - shmem: fix possible deadlocks on shmlock_user_lock
    - net: phy: microchip_t1: add lan87xx_phy_init to initialize the lan87xx
    - [arm64,armhf] KVM: vgic: Synchronize the whole guest on
      GIC{D,R}_I{S,C}ACTIVER read
    - [arm64,armhf] KVM: vgic-v2: Only use the virtual state when userspace
      accesses pending bits
    - gpio: pca953x: Fix pca953x_gpio_set_config
    - SUNRPC: Add "@len" parameter to gss_unwrap()
    - SUNRPC: Fix GSS privacy computation of auth->au_ralign
    - [x86] hv_netvsc: Fix netvsc_start_xmit's return type
    - drop_monitor: work around gcc-10 stringop-overflow warning
    - virtio-blk: handle block_device_operations callbacks after hot unplug
    - net_sched: fix tcm_parent in tc filter dump
    - [arm64,armhf] net: stmmac: gmac5+: fix potential integer overflow on 32
      bit multiply
    - [amd64] iommu/amd: Fix race in increase_address_space()/fetch_pte()
    - [amd64] iommu/amd: Update Device Table in increase_address_space()
    - mmc: sdhci-acpi: Add SDHCI_QUIRK2_BROKEN_64_BIT_DMA for AMDI0040
    - [arm64] dpaa2-eth: properly handle buffer size restrictions
    - mptcp: set correct vfs info for subflows
    - net: fix a potential recursive NETDEV_FEAT_CHANGE
    - netlabel: cope with NULL catmap (CVE-2020-10711)
    - net: phy: fix aneg restart in phy_ethtool_set_eee
    - [arm64] net: stmmac: fix num_por initialization
    - pppoe: only process PADT targeted at local interfaces
    - Revert "ipv6: add mtu lock check in __ip6_rt_update_pmtu"
    - tcp: fix error recovery in tcp_zerocopy_receive()
    - tcp: fix SO_RCVLOWAT hangs with fat skbs
    - virtio_net: fix lockdep warning on 32 bit
    - [arm64] dpaa2-eth: prevent array underflow in update_cls_rule()
    - hinic: fix a bug of ndo_stop
    - net: ipv4: really enforce backoff for redirects
    - netprio_cgroup: Fix unlimited memory leak of v2 cgroups
    - net: tcp: fix rx timestamp behavior for tcp_recvmsg
    - nfp: abm: fix error return code in nfp_abm_vnic_alloc()
    - r8169: re-establish support for RTL8401 chip version
    - umh: fix memory leak on execve failure
    - [arm64] net: broadcom: Select BROADCOM_PHY for BCMGENET
    - [i386] dmaengine: pch_dma.c: Avoid data race between probe and irq
    - [x86] cpufreq: intel_pstate: Only mention the BIOS disabling turbo mode
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix race in monitor detection during probe
    - drm/qxl: lost qxl_bo_kunmap_atomic_page in qxl_image_init_helper()
    - fibmap: Warn and return an error in case of block > INT_MAX
    - io_uring: use cond_resched() in io_ring_ctx_wait_and_kill()
    - io_uring: check non-sync defer_list carefully
    - ipc/util.c: sysvipc_find_ipc() incorrectly updates position index
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix S3 pop noise on Dell Wyse
    - gfs2: Another gfs2_walk_metadata fix
    - mmc: sdhci-pci-gli: Fix no irq handler from suspend
    - [amd64] IB/hfi1: Fix another case where pq is left on waitlist
    - ACPI: EC: PM: Avoid premature returns from acpi_s2idle_wake()
    - [x86] pinctrl: sunrisepoint: Fix PAD lock register offset for SPT-H
    - [x86] pinctrl: baytrail: Enable pin configuration setting for GPIO chip
    - [arm64] pinctrl: qcom: fix wrong write in update_dual_edge
    - [x86] pinctrl: cherryview: Add missing spinlock usage in
    - [arm64,armhf] drm/tegra: Fix SMMU support on Tegra124 and Tegra210
    - bpf: Fix error return code in map_lookup_and_delete_elem()
    - ALSA: firewire-lib: fix 'function sizeof not defined' error of
      tracepoints format
    - cachefiles: Fix corruption of the return value in
    - i40iw: Fix error handling in i40iw_manage_arp_cache()
    - [x86] drm/i915/gt: Make timeslicing an explicit engine property
    - [x86] drm/i915: Don't enable WaIncreaseLatencyIPCEnabled when IPC is
    - bpf, sockmap: msg_pop_data can incorrecty set an sge length
    - bpf, sockmap: bpf_tcp_ingress needs to subtract bytes from sg.size
    - [x86] drm/i915/gem: Remove object_is_locked assertion from
    - mmc: sdhci-pci-gli: Fix can not access GL9750 after reboot from Windows
    - mmc: core: Check request type before completing the request
    - mmc: core: Fix recursive locking issue in CQE recovery path
    - mmc: block: Fix request completion in the CQE timeout path
    - gfs2: More gfs2_find_jhead fixes
    - fork: prevent accidental access to clone3 features
    - drm/amdgpu: force fbdev into vram
    - NFS: Fix fscache super_cookie index_key from changing after umount
    - NFS: Fix fscache super_cookie allocation
    - NFSv4: Fix fscache cookie aux_data to ensure change_attr is included
    - hwmon: (drivetemp) Fix SCT support if SCT data tables are not supported
    - netfilter: conntrack: avoid gcc-10 zero-length-bounds warning
    - [x86] drm/i915/gvt: Fix kernel oops for 3-level ppgtt guest
    - [arm64] fix the flush_icache_range arguments in machine_kexec
    - netfilter: conntrack: fix infinite loop on rmmod
    - [x86] drm/i915: Mark concurrent submissions with a weak-dependency
    - nfs: fix NULL deference in nfs4_get_valid_delegation
    - SUNRPC: Signalled ASYNC tasks need to exit
    - tracing: Wait for preempt irq delay thread to execute
    - netfilter: flowtable: set NF_FLOW_TEARDOWN flag on entry expiration
    - netfilter: nft_set_rbtree: Add missing expired checks
    - RDMA/rxe: Always return ERR_PTR from rxe_create_mmap_info()
    - IB/mlx4: Test return value of calls to ib_get_cached_pkey
    - IB/core: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in pkey cache
    - RDMA/core: Fix double put of resource
    - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Fix incorrect function parameters
    - [x86] ftrace: Have ftrace trampolines turn read-only at the end of
      system boot up
    - [x86] drm/i915: Handle idling during i915_gem_evict_something busy loops
    - mm, memcg: fix inconsistent oom event behavior
    - epoll: call final ep_events_available() check under the lock
    - bpf: Fix bug in mmap() implementation for BPF array map
    - NFSv3: fix rpc receive buffer size for MOUNT call
    - pnp: Use list_for_each_entry() instead of open coding
    - net/rds: Use ERR_PTR for rds_message_alloc_sgs()
    - Stop the ad-hoc games with -Wno-maybe-initialized
    - gcc-10: disable 'zero-length-bounds' warning for now
    - gcc-10: disable 'array-bounds' warning for now
    - gcc-10: disable 'stringop-overflow' warning for now
    - gcc-10: disable 'restrict' warning for now
    - gcc-10 warnings: fix low-hanging fruit
    - gcc-10: mark more functions __init to avoid section mismatch warnings
    - gcc-10: avoid shadowing standard library 'free()' in crypto
    - bootconfig: Fix to remove bootconfig data from initrd while boot
    - bootconfig: Fix to prevent warning message if no bootconfig option
    - usb: usbfs: correct kernel->user page attribute mismatch
    - USB: usbfs: fix mmap dma mismatch
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Limit int mic boost for Thinkpad T530
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add COEF workaround for ASUS ZenBook UX431DA
    - ALSA: rawmidi: Fix racy buffer resize under concurrent accesses
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add control message quirk delay for Kingston HyperX
    - usb: core: hub: limit HUB_QUIRK_DISABLE_AUTOSUSPEND to USB5534B
    - [arm64,armhf,riscv64] usb: host: xhci-plat: keep runtime active when
      removing host
    - USB: gadget: fix illegal array access in binding with UDC
    - usb: xhci: Fix NULL pointer dereference when enqueuing trbs from urb sg
    - [x86] Make the "Reducing compressed framebufer size" message be
    - [armhf] dts: imx6dl-yapp4: Fix Ursa board Ethernet connection
    - drm/amd/amdgpu: add raven1 part to the gfxoff quirk list
    - [x86] drm/i915/tgl+: Fix interrupt handling for DP AUX transactions
    - [powerpc*] vdso32: Fallback on getres syscall when clock is unknown
    - cifs: fix leaked reference on requeued write
    - [x86] KVM: Fix pkru save/restore when guest CR4.PKE=0, move it to x86.c
    - [x86] Fix early boot crash on gcc-10, third try
    - [amd64] x86/unwind/orc: Fix error handling in __unwind_start()
    - exec: Move would_dump into flush_old_exec
    - [arm64,armhf] clk: rockchip: fix incorrect configuration of rk3228
      aclk_gpu* clocks
    - [arm64,armhf] dwc3: Remove check for HWO flag in
    - fanotify: fix merging marks masks with FAN_ONDIR
    - [arm64] dts: meson-g12b-ugoos-am6: fix usb vbus-supply
    - Revert "ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix pop noise on ALC225"
    - [armhf] clk: ti: clkctrl: Fix Bad of_node_put within clkctrl_get_name
    - clk: Unlink clock if failed to prepare or enable
    - [arm64] dts: rockchip: Replace RK805 PMIC node name with "pmic" on
      rk3328 boards
    - dt-bindings: dma: fsl-edma: fix ls1028a-edma compatible
    - SUNRPC: Revert 241b1f419f0e ("SUNRPC: Remove xdr_buf_trim()")
    - bpf: Fix sk_psock refcnt leak when receiving message
    - RDMA/uverbs: Do not discard the IB_EVENT_DEVICE_FATAL event
    - RDMA/uverbs: Move IB_EVENT_DEVICE_FATAL to destroy_uobj
    - [x86] KVM: Fix off-by-one error in kvm_vcpu_ioctl_x86_setup_mce
    - bpf: Enforce returning 0 for fentry/fexit progs
    - bpf: Restrict bpf_trace_printk()'s %s usage and add %pks, %pus specifier
    - Makefile: disallow data races on gcc-10 as well

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * linux-libc-dev: Re-add "Provides: linux-kernel-headers" as several
    source packages still have this in Build-Depends

  [ Luca Boccassi ]
  * [cloud] Enable INFINIBAND configs for HyperV/Azure (Closes: #958300)

  [ Bastian Blank ]
  * [cloud] Re-enable some FB drivers.

  [ Romain Perier ]
  * Enable support for fsverity

  [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
  * [rt] Update to 5.6.10-rt5 and re-enable
  * Bump ABI to 2.
  * xfs: add agf freeblocks verify in xfs_agf_verify (CVE-2020-12655)

  [ Domenico Andreoli ]
  * [arm64] udeb: Add armada_37xx_wdt to kernel-image (Closes: #961086)

linux (5.6.7-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream stable update:
    - perf tools: Support Python 3.8+ in Makefile (Closes: #958165)

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * [armhf,arm64] lockdown: Update arm Secure Boot patch for 5.6
    (fixes FTBFS)
  * Use debhelper compatibility level 12:
    - Build-Depend on debhelper-compat and remove debian/compat
    - hyperv-daemons: Use dh_installsystemd instead of
    - hyperv-daemons: Add "Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}"
  * debian/README.source: Refer to upload checklist in kernel-team.git
  * [armel] Disable NETLABEL, since SECURITY_SELINUX is also disabled
  * Drop linux-headers-<ver>-all and linux-headers-<ver>-all-<arch> packages,
    which are no longer needed
  * linux-libc-dev: Drop "Provides: linux-kernel-headers" which is no longer
  * [s390x] mm: fix page table upgrade vs 2ndary address mode accesses
  * Set ABI to 1

  [ Romain Perier ]
  *  Rebased patch firmware-remove-redundant-log-messages-from-drivers.patch
     onto 5.6.7.

  [ Philip Rinn ]
  * [arm64] Enable CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE (closes: #958037)
  * [arm64] Enable SUN8I_THERMAL

  [ Roberto Bampi ]
  * [arm64] Enable ARMADA_37XX_WATCHDOG as module

  [ Vagrant Cascadian ]
  * [arm64] Enable SENSORS_PWM_FAN as a module.

  [ Paul Tagliamonte ]
  * Enable CONFIG_NETLABEL (Closes: #958804)

linux (5.6.4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release:
  * New upstream stable update:

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * Set ABI to trunk
  * [mips*] Revert "staging: octeon-usb: delete the octeon usb host controller
  * [mips*] Revert "staging: octeon: delete driver"
  * [powerpc*] i2c: Enable I2C_PARPORT instead of I2C_PARPORT_LIGHT
  * aufs: Update support patchset to aufs5.x-rcN 20200302; no functional
  * linux-signed-*: Build-Depend on kernel-wedge 2.102 for consistency
  * aufs: Update support patchset to aufs5.6 20200413; no functional change
  * [rt] Update to 5.6.4-rt3 and re-enable

  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * [riscv64] Enable SOC_VIRT

  [ Christian Barcenas ]
  * linux-kbuild: Stop building conmakehash
  * linux-cpupower: Add libcap to Build-Depends and turbostat linker flags
  * [x86] Drop EFI cold boot mitigation patch in favor of upstream
  * [amd64] Update "x86: Make x32 syscall support conditional ..." for 5.6

  [ Romain Perier ]
  * [x86] udeb: Add crc32_pclmul to crc-modules
  * udeb: Add crc32_generic to crc-modules

  [ Luca Boccassi ]
  * lockdown: set default (with Secure Boot) to LOCKDOWN_INTEGRITY_MAX
    (Closes: #956197)
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Pipeline #497 failed with stages
in 1 minute and 27 seconds
......@@ -86,6 +86,8 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'bio_for_each_segment_all'
- 'bio_list_for_each'
- 'bip_for_each_vec'
- 'bitmap_for_each_clear_region'
- 'bitmap_for_each_set_region'
- 'blkg_for_each_descendant_post'
- 'blkg_for_each_descendant_pre'
- 'blk_queue_for_each_rl'
......@@ -115,6 +117,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'drm_client_for_each_connector_iter'
- 'drm_client_for_each_modeset'
- 'drm_connector_for_each_possible_encoder'
- 'drm_for_each_bridge_in_chain'
- 'drm_for_each_connector_iter'
- 'drm_for_each_crtc'
- 'drm_for_each_encoder'
......@@ -136,9 +139,10 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_bio'
- 'for_each_board_func_rsrc'
- 'for_each_bvec'
- 'for_each_card_auxs'
- 'for_each_card_auxs_safe'
- 'for_each_card_components'
- 'for_each_card_links'
- 'for_each_card_links_safe'
- 'for_each_card_pre_auxs'
- 'for_each_card_prelinks'
- 'for_each_card_rtds'
- 'for_each_card_rtds_safe'
......@@ -166,6 +170,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_dpcm_fe'
- 'for_each_drhd_unit'
- 'for_each_dss_dev'
- 'for_each_efi_handle'
- 'for_each_efi_memory_desc'
- 'for_each_efi_memory_desc_in_map'
- 'for_each_element'
......@@ -190,6 +195,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_lru'
- 'for_each_matching_node'
- 'for_each_matching_node_and_match'
- 'for_each_member'
- 'for_each_memblock'
- 'for_each_memblock_type'
- 'for_each_memcg_cache_index'
......@@ -200,9 +206,11 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_msi_entry'
- 'for_each_msi_entry_safe'
- 'for_each_net'
- 'for_each_net_continue_reverse'
- 'for_each_netdev'
- 'for_each_netdev_continue'
- 'for_each_netdev_continue_rcu'
- 'for_each_netdev_continue_reverse'
- 'for_each_netdev_feature'
- 'for_each_netdev_in_bond_rcu'
- 'for_each_netdev_rcu'
......@@ -254,10 +262,10 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_reserved_mem_region'
- 'for_each_rtd_codec_dai'
- 'for_each_rtd_codec_dai_rollback'
- 'for_each_rtdcom'
- 'for_each_rtdcom_safe'
- 'for_each_rtd_components'
- 'for_each_set_bit'
- 'for_each_set_bit_from'
- 'for_each_set_clump8'
- 'for_each_sg'
- 'for_each_sg_dma_page'
- 'for_each_sg_page'
......@@ -267,6 +275,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'for_each_subelement_id'
- '__for_each_thread'
- 'for_each_thread'
- 'for_each_wakeup_source'
- 'for_each_zone'
- 'for_each_zone_zonelist'
- 'for_each_zone_zonelist_nodemask'
......@@ -330,6 +339,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'list_for_each'
- 'list_for_each_codec'
- 'list_for_each_codec_safe'
- 'list_for_each_continue'
- 'list_for_each_entry'
- 'list_for_each_entry_continue'
- 'list_for_each_entry_continue_rcu'
......@@ -351,6 +361,7 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'llist_for_each_entry'
- 'llist_for_each_entry_safe'
- 'llist_for_each_safe'
- 'mci_for_each_dimm'
- 'media_device_for_each_entity'
- 'media_device_for_each_intf'
- 'media_device_for_each_link'
......@@ -444,10 +455,16 @@ ForEachMacros:
- 'virtio_device_for_each_vq'
- 'xa_for_each'
- 'xa_for_each_marked'
- 'xa_for_each_range'
- 'xa_for_each_start'
- 'xas_for_each'
- 'xas_for_each_conflict'
- 'xas_for_each_marked'
- 'xbc_array_for_each_value'
- 'xbc_for_each_key_value'
- 'xbc_node_for_each_array_value'
- 'xbc_node_for_each_child'
- 'xbc_node_for_each_key_value'
- 'zorro_for_each_dev'
#IncludeBlocks: Preserve # Unknown to clang-format-5.0
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ Aleksey Gorelov <>
Aleksandar Markovic <> <>
Alex Shi <> <>
Alex Shi <> <>
Alexandre Belloni <> <>
Alexei Starovoitov <> <>
Alexei Starovoitov <> <>
Alexei Starovoitov <> <>
......@@ -27,6 +28,8 @@ Andi Shyti <> <>
Andreas Herrmann <>
Andrey Ryabinin <> <>
Andrew Morton <>
Andrew Murray <> <>
Andrew Murray <> <>
Andrew Vasquez <>
Andy Adamson <>
Antoine Tenart <>
......@@ -74,6 +77,7 @@ Dmitry Safonov <> <>
Domen Puncer <>
Douglas Gilbert <>
Ed L. Cashin <>
Erik Kaneda <> <>
Evgeniy Polyakov <>
Felipe W Damasio <>
Felix Kuhling <>
......@@ -138,6 +142,7 @@ Juha Yrjola <at>
Juha Yrjola <>
Juha Yrjola <>
Julien Thierry <> <>
Kamil Konieczny <> <>
Kay Sievers <>
Kenneth W Chen <>
Konstantin Khlebnikov <> <>
......@@ -209,6 +214,10 @@ Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso <>
Patrick Mochel <>
Paul Burton <> <>
Paul Burton <> <>
Paul E. McKenney <> <>
Paul E. McKenney <> <>
Paul E. McKenney <> <>
Paul E. McKenney <> <>
Peter A Jonsson <>
Peter Oruba <>
Peter Oruba <>
......@@ -216,7 +225,9 @@ Pratyush Anand <> <>
Praveen BP <>
Punit Agrawal <> <>
Qais Yousef <> <>
Quentin Monnet <> <>
Quentin Perret <> <>
Rafael J. Wysocki <> <>
Rajesh Shah <>
Ralf Baechle <>
Ralf Wildenhues <>
......@@ -252,6 +263,7 @@ Sumit Semwal <>
Tejun Heo <>
Thomas Graf <>
Thomas Pedersen <>
Tiezhu Yang <> <>
Todor Tomov <> <>
Tony Luck <>
TripleX Chung <> <>
......@@ -16,3 +16,5 @@ In addition, other licenses may also apply. Please see:
for more details.
All contributions to the Linux Kernel are subject to this COPYING file.
......@@ -567,6 +567,11 @@ D: Original author of Amiga FFS filesystem
S: Orlando, Florida
N: Paul Burton
D: MIPS maintainer 2018-2020
N: Lennert Buytenhek
D: Original (2.4) rewrite of the ethernet bridging code
......@@ -3302,7 +3307,9 @@ S: France
N: Aleksa Sarai
D: `pids` cgroup subsystem
D: /sys/fs/cgroup/pids
D: openat2(2)
S: Sydney, Australia
N: Dipankar Sarma
What: /sys/fs/selinux/disable
Date: April 2005 (predates git)
KernelVersion: 2.6.12-rc2 (predates git)
The selinuxfs "disable" node allows SELinux to be disabled at runtime
prior to a policy being loaded into the kernel. If disabled via this
mechanism, SELinux will remain disabled until the system is rebooted.
The preferred method of disabling SELinux is via the "selinux=0" boot
parameter, but the selinuxfs "disable" node was created to make it
easier for systems with primitive bootloaders that did not allow for
easy modification of the kernel command line. Unfortunately, allowing
for SELinux to be disabled at runtime makes it difficult to secure the
kernel's LSM hooks using the "__ro_after_init" feature.
Thankfully, the need for the SELinux runtime disable appears to be
gone, the default Kconfig configuration disables this selinuxfs node,
and only one of the major distributions, Fedora, supports disabling
SELinux at runtime. Fedora is in the process of removing the
selinuxfs "disable" node and once that is complete we will start the
slow process of removing this code from the kernel.
More information on /sys/fs/selinux/disable can be found under the
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/
Date: April 2005
KernelVersion: 2.6.12
Description: The device/ directory under a specific TPM instance exposes
the properties of that TPM chip
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Description: The device/ directory under a specific TPM instance exposes
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/active
Date: April 2006
KernelVersion: 2.6.17
Description: The "active" property prints a '1' if the TPM chip is accepting
commands. An inactive TPM chip still contains all the state of
an active chip (Storage Root Key, NVRAM, etc), and can be
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Description: The "active" property prints a '1' if the TPM chip is accepting
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/cancel
Date: June 2005
KernelVersion: 2.6.13
Description: The "cancel" property allows you to cancel the currently
pending TPM command. Writing any value to cancel will call the
TPM vendor specific cancel operation.
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ Description: The "cancel" property allows you to cancel the currently
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/caps
Date: April 2005
KernelVersion: 2.6.12
Description: The "caps" property contains TPM manufacturer and version info.
Example output:
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Description: The "caps" property contains TPM manufacturer and version info.
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/durations
Date: March 2011
KernelVersion: 3.1
Description: The "durations" property shows the 3 vendor-specific values
used to wait for a short, medium and long TPM command. All
TPM commands are categorized as short, medium or long in
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ Description: The "durations" property shows the 3 vendor-specific values
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/enabled
Date: April 2006
KernelVersion: 2.6.17
Description: The "enabled" property prints a '1' if the TPM chip is enabled,
meaning that it should be visible to the OS. This property
may be visible but produce a '0' after some operation that
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Description: The "enabled" property prints a '1' if the TPM chip is enabled,
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/owned
Date: April 2006
KernelVersion: 2.6.17
Description: The "owned" property produces a '1' if the TPM_TakeOwnership
ordinal has been executed successfully in the chip. A '0'
indicates that ownership hasn't been taken.
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ Description: The "owned" property produces a '1' if the TPM_TakeOwnership
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/pcrs
Date: April 2005
KernelVersion: 2.6.12
Description: The "pcrs" property will dump the current value of all Platform
Configuration Registers in the TPM. Note that since these
values may be constantly changing, the output is only valid
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Description: The "pcrs" property will dump the current value of all Platform
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/pubek
Date: April 2005
KernelVersion: 2.6.12
Description: The "pubek" property will return the TPM's public endorsement
key if possible. If the TPM has had ownership established and
is version 1.2, the pubek will not be available without the
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ Description: The "pubek" property will return the TPM's public endorsement
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/temp_deactivated
Date: April 2006
KernelVersion: 2.6.17
Description: The "temp_deactivated" property returns a '1' if the chip has
been temporarily deactivated, usually until the next power
cycle. Whether a warm boot (reboot) will clear a TPM chip
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ Description: The "temp_deactivated" property returns a '1' if the chip has
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/device/timeouts
Date: March 2011
KernelVersion: 3.1
Description: The "timeouts" property shows the 4 vendor-specific values
for the TPM's interface spec timeouts. The use of these
timeouts is defined by the TPM interface spec that the chip
......@@ -183,3 +183,14 @@ Description: The "timeouts" property shows the 4 vendor-specific values
The four timeout values are shown in usecs, with a trailing
"[original]" or "[adjusted]" depending on whether the values
were scaled by the driver to be reported in usec from msecs.
What: /sys/class/tpm/tpmX/tpm_version_major
Date: October 2019
KernelVersion: 5.5
Description: The "tpm_version_major" property shows the TCG spec major version
implemented by the TPM device.
Example output:
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/cdev_major
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The major number that the character device driver assigned to
this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/errors
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The error information for this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_batch_size
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The largest number of work descriptors in a batch.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_work_queues_size
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The maximum work queue size supported by this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_engines
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The maximum number of engines supported by this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_groups
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The maximum number of groups can be created under this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_tokens
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The total number of bandwidth tokens supported by this device.
The bandwidth tokens represent resources within the DSA
implementation, and these resources are allocated by engines to
support operations.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_transfer_size
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The number of bytes to be read from the source address to
perform the operation. The maximum transfer size is dependent on
the workqueue the descriptor was submitted to.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/max_work_queues
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The maximum work queue number that this device supports.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/numa_node
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The numa node number for this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/op_cap
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The operation capability bit mask specify the operation types
supported by the this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/state
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The state information of this device. It can be either enabled
or disabled.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/group<m>.<n>
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The assigned group under this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/engine<m>.<n>
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The assigned engine under this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/wq<m>.<n>
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The assigned work queue under this device.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/configurable
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: To indicate if this device is configurable or not.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/dsa<m>/token_limit
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The maximum number of bandwidth tokens that may be in use at
one time by operations that access low bandwidth memory in the
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/group_id
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The group id that this work queue belongs to.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/size
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The work queue size for this work queue.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/type
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The type of this work queue, it can be "kernel" type for work
queue usages in the kernel space or "user" type for work queue
usages by applications in user space.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/cdev_minor
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The minor number assigned to this work queue by the character
device driver.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/mode
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The work queue mode type for this work queue.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/priority
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The priority value of this work queue, it is a vlue relative to
other work queue in the same group to control quality of service
for dispatching work from multiple workqueues in the same group.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/state
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The current state of the work queue.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/wq<m>.<n>/threshold
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The number of entries in this work queue that may be filled
via a limited portal.
What: sys/bus/dsa/devices/engine<m>.<n>/group_id
Date: Oct 25, 2019
KernelVersion: 5.6.0
Description: The group that this engine belongs to.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/asic_health
Date: June 2018
KernelVersion: 4.19
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -19,7 +18,6 @@ Description: These files show with which CPLD versions have been burned
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/fan_dir
Date: December 2018
KernelVersion: 5.0
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -30,7 +28,6 @@ Description: This file shows the system fans direction:
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/cpld3_version
Date: November 2018
KernelVersion: 5.0
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -40,7 +37,6 @@ Description: These files show with which CPLD versions have been burned
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/jtag_enable
Date: November 2018
KernelVersion: 5.0
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -108,7 +104,6 @@ What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_comex_pwr_fail
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_from_comex
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_system
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_voltmon_upgrade_fail
Date: November 2018
KernelVersion: 5.0
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -130,6 +125,12 @@ Description: These files show with which CPLD versions have been burned
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_comex_thermal
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_comex_wd
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_from_asic
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_reload_bios
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_sff_wd
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_swb_wd
Date: June 2019
KernelVersion: 5.3
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
......@@ -143,9 +144,65 @@ Description: These files show the system reset cause, as following:
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_comex_thermal
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_comex_wd
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_from_asic
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_reload_bios
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_sff_wd
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_swb_wd
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/config1
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/config2
Date: January 2020
KernelVersion: 5.6
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
Description: These files show system static topology identification
like system's static I2C topology, number and type of FPGA
devices within the system and so on.
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_ac_pwr_fail
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_platform
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_soc
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/reset_sw_pwr_off
Date: January 2020
KernelVersion: 5.6
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
Description: These files show the system reset causes, as following: reset
due to AC power failure, reset invoked from software by
assertion reset signal through CPLD. reset caused by signal
asserted by SOC through ACPI register, reset invoked from
software by assertion power off signal through CPLD.
The files are read only.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/pcie_asic_reset_dis
Date: January 2020
KernelVersion: 5.6
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
Description: This file allows to retain ASIC up during PCIe root complex
reset, when attribute is set 1.
The file is read/write.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/vpd_wp
Date: January 2020
KernelVersion: 5.6
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
Description: This file allows to overwrite system VPD hardware wrtie
protection when attribute is set 1.
The file is read/write.
What: /sys/devices/platform/mlxplat/mlxreg-io/hwmon/hwmon*/voltreg_update_status
Date: January 2020
KernelVersion: 5.6
Contact: Vadim Pasternak <>
Description: This file exposes the configuration update status of burnable
voltage regulator devices. The status values are as following:
0 - OK; 1 - CRC failure; 2 = I2C failure; 3 - in progress.