Commit adce2253 authored by Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra
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Import Debian changes 5.7.6-1parrot2

linux (5.7.6-1parrot2) rolling; urgency=medium

  * Rebuild kernel package.
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Source: linux Source: linux
Version: 5.7.6-1parrot1 Version: 5.7.6-1parrot2
linux (5.7.6-1parrot2) rolling; urgency=medium
* Rebuild kernel package.
-- Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra <> Sun, 19 Jul 2020 00:08:59 +0200
linux (5.7.6-1parrot1) rolling-testing; urgency=medium linux (5.7.6-1parrot1) rolling-testing; urgency=medium
* Import new Debian version. * Import new Debian version.
...@@ -2974,7 +2974,7 @@ tp1595 ...@@ -2974,7 +2974,7 @@ tp1595
(dp1596 (dp1596
Vsource Vsource
p1597 p1597
V5.7.6-1parrot1 V5.7.6-1parrot2
p1598 p1598
sVupstream sVupstream
p1599 p1599
6466af0c4289c5593ce20845c50a0c40 debian/bin/ 6466af0c4289c5593ce20845c50a0c40 debian/bin/
1ca6d39da74c8b61665171a0c6ba69d7 debian/build/version-info 29e9fe6acf7a9189a997e10e54934cd3 debian/build/version-info
74b180a87aa1f6377d9bf8a10368c657 debian/templates/ 74b180a87aa1f6377d9bf8a10368c657 debian/templates/
1cfc49a285f1f37ce6415e811e5c737f debian/templates/ 1cfc49a285f1f37ce6415e811e5c737f debian/templates/
38004750aa03cea41d5d3aeafff16fcc debian/templates/ 38004750aa03cea41d5d3aeafff16fcc debian/templates/
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