Commit b91f4d60 authored by Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra
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test build process and change package maintainers

parent dc22b375
Source: linux
Section: kernel
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Kali Developers <>
Uploaders: Raphaël Hertzog <>, Sophie Brun <>
Maintainer: Parrot Dev Team <>
Uploaders: Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra <>, Lisetta "Sheireen" Ferrero <>, Irene "Tissy" Pirrotta <>
Standards-Version: 3.9.8
Build-Depends: debhelper, python3:any, quilt, cpio <!stage1>, xz-utils <!stage1>, kernel-wedge (>= 2.93~) <!stage1>, kmod <!stage1>, bc <!stage1>, libssl-dev:native <!stage1>, libssl-dev [linux-any] <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools cross>, openssl:native <!stage1>, asciidoc <!stage1 !nodoc !pkg.linux.notools>, xmlto <!stage1 !nodoc !pkg.linux.notools>, bison <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, flex:native <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, gcc-multilib [amd64 ppc64 s390x sparc64] <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libaudit-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libdw-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libelf-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libiberty-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libnewt-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libnuma-dev [amd64 arm64 hppa i386 mips mips64 mips64el mipsel mipsn32 mipsn32el mipsr6 mipsr6el mipsn32r6 mipsn32r6el mips64r6 mips64r6el powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 ppc64el sparc x32] <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libperl-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, libunwind8-dev [amd64 armel armhf arm64 i386] <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, python-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools !nopython>, autoconf <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, automake <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, libtool <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, libglib2.0-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, libudev-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, libwrap0-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, rsync <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, libpci-dev <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, dh-python <!stage1>, dh-systemd <!stage1 !pkg.linux.notools>, gcc-5 [alpha amd64 arm64 armel armhf hppa i386 m68k mips mipsel mips64 mips64el powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 ppc64el s390x sh4 sparc64] <!stage1 !cross>, gcc-5-alpha-linux-gnu:native [alpha] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-x86-64-linux-gnu:native [amd64] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-aarch64-linux-gnu:native [arm64] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-arm-linux-gnueabi:native [armel] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-arm-linux-gnueabihf:native [armhf] <!stage1 cross>, binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu [hppa] <!stage1 !cross>, gcc-5-hppa64-linux-gnu [hppa] <!stage1 !cross>, gcc-5-hppa-linux-gnu:native [hppa] <!stage1 cross>, binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu:native [hppa] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-hppa64-linux-gnu:native [hppa] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-i686-linux-gnu:native [i386] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-m68k-linux-gnu:native [m68k] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-mips-linux-gnu:native [mips] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-mipsel-linux-gnu:native [mipsel] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-mips64-linux-gnuabi64:native [mips64] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64:native [mips64el] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-powerpc-linux-gnu:native [powerpc] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-powerpc-linux-gnuspe:native [powerpcspe] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-powerpc64-linux-gnu:native [ppc64] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-powerpc64le-linux-gnu:native [ppc64el] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-s390x-linux-gnu:native [s390x] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-sh4-linux-gnu:native [sh4] <!stage1 cross>, gcc-5-sparc64-linux-gnu:native [sparc64] <!stage1 cross>
Build-Depends-Indep: patchutils <!stage1>, xmlto <!stage1 !nodoc>
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