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    • Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar
      Import Debian changes 4.9.25-1parrot25 · 003df7dd
      Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra authored
      linux (4.9.25-1parrot25) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new upstream release.
    • Ben Hutchings's avatar
      Import Debian changes 4.9.25-1 · 2c08d751
      Ben Hutchings authored and Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra committed
      linux (4.9.25-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
          - net/openvswitch: Set the ipv6 source tunnel key address attribute
          - net: properly release sk_frag.page
          - [arm64] amd-xgbe: Fix jumbo MTU processing on newer hardware
          - openvswitch: Add missing case OVS_TUNNEL_KEY_ATTR_PAD
          - net: unix: properly re-increment inflight counter of GC discarded
          - net: vrf: Reset rt6i_idev in local dst after put
          - net/mlx5: Add missing entries for set/query rate limit commands
          - net/mlx5e: Use the proper UAPI values when offloading TC vlan actions
          - net/mlx5: Increase number of max QPs in default profile
          - net/mlx5e: Count GSO/LRO packets correctly
          - ipv6: make sure to initialize sockc.tsflags before first use
          - ipv4: provide stronger user input validation in nl_fib_input()
          - socket, bpf: fix sk_filter use after free in sk_clone_lock
          - tcp: initialize icsk_ack.lrcvtime at session start time
          - Input: iforce,ims-pcu,hanwang,yealink,cm109,kbtab,sur40 - validate
            number of endpoints before using them
          - ALSA: seq: Fix racy cell insertions during snd_seq_pool_done()
          - ALSA: ctxfi: Fix the incorrect check of dma_set_mask() call
          - ALSA: hda - Adding a group of pin definition to fix headset problem
          - ACM gadget: fix endianness in notifications
          - usb: gadget: f_uvc: Fix SuperSpeed companion descriptor's
          - USB: uss720,idmouse,wusbcore: fix NULL-deref at probe
          - usb: musb: cppi41: don't check early-TX-interrupt for Isoch transfer
          - usb: hub: Fix crash after failure to read BOS descriptor
          - USB: usbtmc: add missing endpoint sanity check
          - USB: usbtmc: fix probe error path
          - uwb: i1480-dfu: fix NULL-deref at probe
          - mmc: ushc: fix NULL-deref at probe
          - [armhf[ iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: fix fifo overrun recovery
          - iio: sw-device: Fix config group initialization
          - iio: hid-sensor-trigger: Change get poll value function order to avoid
            sensor properties losing after resume from S3
          - parport: fix attempt to write duplicate procfiles
          - ext4: mark inode dirty after converting inline directory
          - ext4: lock the xattr block before checksuming it
          - [powerpc*/*64*] Fix idle wakeup potential to clobber registers
          - mmc: sdhci: Do not disable interrupts while waiting for clock
          - mmc: sdhci-pci: Do not disable interrupts in sdhci_intel_set_power
          - [x86] hwrng: amd - Revert managed API changes
          - [x86] hwrng: geode - Revert managed API changes
          - [armhf] clk: sunxi-ng: sun6i: Fix enable bit offset for hdmi-ddc module
          - [armhf] clk: sunxi-ng: mp: Adjust parent rate for pre-dividers
          - mwifiex: pcie: don't leak DMA buffers when removing
          - [x86] crypto: ccp - Assign DMA commands to the channel's CCP
          - xen/acpi: upload PM state from init-domain to Xen
          - [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix NULL pointer dereference in device_to_iommu
          - [arm64] kaslr: Fix up the kernel image alignment
          - cpufreq: Restore policy min/max limits on CPU online
          - cgroup, net_cls: iterate the fds of only the tasks which are being
          - blk-mq: don't complete un-started request in timeout handler
          - [x86] drm/amdgpu: reinstate oland workaround for sclk
          - jbd2: don't leak memory if setting up journal fails
          - [x86] intel_th: Don't leak module refcount on failure to activate
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Don't leak channel ids
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Don't leak memory when a channel is rescinded
          - libceph: don't set weight to IN when OSD is destroyed
          - [x86] device-dax: fix pmd/pte fault fallback handling
          - [armhf] drm/bridge: analogix dp: Fix runtime PM state on driver bind
          - nl80211: fix dumpit error path RTNL deadlocks
          - drm: reference count event->completion
          - fbcon: Fix vc attr at deinit
          - xfrm: policy: init locks early
          - [x86] KVM: cleanup the page tracking SRCU instance
          - virtio_balloon: init 1st buffer in stats vq
          - [mips*] ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write
          - [sparc64] ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write
          - fscrypt: remove broken support for detecting keyring key revocation
          - sched/rt: Add a missing rescheduling point
          - [armhf] usb: musb: fix possible spinlock deadlock
          - libceph: force GFP_NOIO for socket allocations
          - xen/setup: Don't relocate p2m over existing one
          - xfs: only update mount/resv fields on success in __xfs_ag_resv_init
          - xfs: use per-AG reservations for the finobt
          - xfs: pull up iolock from xfs_free_eofblocks()
          - xfs: sync eofblocks scans under iolock are livelock prone
          - xfs: fix eofblocks race with file extending async dio writes
          - xfs: fix toctou race when locking an inode to access the data map
          - xfs: fail _dir_open when readahead fails
          - xfs: filter out obviously bad btree pointers
          - xfs: check for obviously bad level values in the bmbt root
          - xfs: verify free block header fields
          - xfs: allow unwritten extents in the CoW fork
          - xfs: mark speculative prealloc CoW fork extents unwritten
          - xfs: reset b_first_retry_time when clear the retry status of xfs_buf_t
          - xfs: update ctime and mtime on clone destinatation inodes
          - xfs: reject all unaligned direct writes to reflinked files
          - xfs: don't fail xfs_extent_busy allocation
          - xfs: handle indlen shortage on delalloc extent merge
          - xfs: split indlen reservations fairly when under reserved
          - xfs: fix uninitialized variable in _reflink_convert_cow
          - xfs: don't reserve blocks for right shift transactions
          - xfs: Use xfs_icluster_size_fsb() to calculate inode chunk alignment
          - xfs: tune down agno asserts in the bmap code
          - xfs: only reclaim unwritten COW extents periodically
          - xfs: fix and streamline error handling in xfs_end_io
          - xfs: Use xfs_icluster_size_fsb() to calculate inode alignment mask
          - xfs: use iomap new flag for newly allocated delalloc blocks
          - xfs: try any AG when allocating the first btree block when reflinking
          - scsi: libsas: fix ata xfer length
          - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: Check scsi_device_get() return value
          - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: Ensure that alua_activate() calls the completion
          - ALSA: seq: Fix race during FIFO resize
          - ALSA: hda - fix a problem for lineout on a Dell AIO machine
          - [x86] ASoC: Intel: Skylake: fix invalid memory access due to wrong
            reference of pointer
          - HID: wacom: Don't add ghost interface as shared data
          - mmc: sdhci: Disable runtime pm when the sdio_irq is enabled
          - NFSv4.1 fix infinite loop on IO BAD_STATEID error
          - nfsd: map the ENOKEY to nfserr_perm for avoiding warning
          - [hppa] Clean up fixup routines for get_user()/put_user()
          - [hppa] Avoid stalled CPU warnings after system shutdown
          - [hppa] Fix access fault handling in pa_memcpy()
          - ACPI: Fix incompatibility with mcount-based function graph tracing
          - ACPI: Do not create a platform_device for IOAPIC/IOxAPIC
          - USB: fix linked-list corruption in rh_call_control()
          - [x86] KVM: clear bus pointer when destroyed
          - KVM: kvm_io_bus_unregister_dev() should never fail
          - drm/radeon: Override fpfn for all VRAM placements in radeon_evict_flags
          - [armhf,arm64] drm/vc4: Allocate the right amount of space for boot-time
            CRTC state.
          - [armhf] drm/etnaviv: (re-)protect fence allocation with GPU mutex
          - [x86] mm/KASLR: Exclude EFI region from KASLR VA space randomization
          - [x86] mce: Fix copy/paste error in exception table entries
          - lib/syscall: Clear return values when no stack
          - mm: rmap: fix huge file mmap accounting in the memcg stats
          - mm, hugetlb: use pte_present() instead of pmd_present() in
          - qla2xxx: Allow vref count to timeout on vport delete.
          - mm: workingset: fix premature shadow node shrinking with cgroups
          - blk: improve order of bio handling in generic_make_request()
          - blk: Ensure users for current->bio_list can see the full list.
          - padata: avoid race in reordering
          - nvme/core: Fix race kicking freed request_queue
          - nvme/pci: Disable on removal when disconnected
          - ppdev: check before attaching port
          - ppdev: fix registering same device name
          - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Type-check lookups of fence objects
          - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: avoid calling vzalloc with a 0 size in
          - drm/ttm, drm/vmwgfx: Relax permission checking when opening surfaces
          - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Remove getparam error message
          - sysfs: be careful of error returns from ops->show()
          - [armhf,arm64] KVM: Take mmap_sem in stage2_unmap_vm
          - [armhf,arm64] KVM: Take mmap_sem in kvm_arch_prepare_memory_region
          - [armhf,arm64] kvm: Fix locking for kvm_free_stage2_pgd
          - [x86] iio: bmg160: reset chip when probing
          - [arm64] mm: unaligned access by user-land should be received as SIGBUS
          - cfg80211: check rdev resume callback only for registered wiphy
          - CIFS: Reset TreeId to zero on SMB2 TREE_CONNECT
          - mm/page_alloc.c: fix print order in show_free_areas()
          - ptrace: fix PTRACE_LISTEN race corrupting task->state
          - dm verity fec: limit error correction recursion
          - dm verity fec: fix bufio leaks
          - ACPI / gpio: do not fall back to parsing _CRS when we get a deferral
          - xfs: Honor FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE when punching ends of files
          - ring-buffer: Fix return value check in test_ringbuffer()
          - mac80211: unconditionally start new netdev queues with iTXQ support
          - brcmfmac: use local iftype avoiding use-after-free of virtual interface
          - [powerpc*] Disable HFSCR[TM] if TM is not supported
          - [powerpc*] mm: Add missing global TLB invalidate if cxl is active
          - [powerpc*/*64*]: Fix flush_(d|i)cache_range() called from modules
          - [powerpc*] Don't try to fix up misaligned load-with-reservation
          - [powerpc*] crypto/crc32c-vpmsum: Fix missing preempt_disable()
          - dm raid: fix NULL pointer dereference for raid1 without bitmap
          - [s390x] decompressor: fix initrd corruption caused by bss clear
          - [s390x] uaccess: get_user() should zero on failure (again)
          - [mips*el/loongson-3] Check TLB before handle_ri_rdhwr() for Loongson-3
          - [mips*el/loongson-3] Add MIPS_CPU_FTLB for Loongson-3A R2
          - [mips*el/loongson-3] Flush wrong invalid FTLB entry for huge page
          - [mips*el/loongson-3] c-r4k: Fix Loongson-3's vcache/scache waysize
          - mm/mempolicy.c: fix error handling in set_mempolicy and mbind
          - random: use chacha20 for get_random_int/long
          - [armhf] drm/sun4i: tcon: Move SoC specific quirks to a DT matched data
          - [armhf] drm/sun4i: Add compatible strings for A31/A31s display pipelines
          - [armhf] drm/sun4i: Add compatible string for A31/A31s TCON (timing
          - HID: i2c-hid: add a simple quirk to fix device defects
          - usb: dwc3: gadget: delay unmap of bounced requests
          - [x86] ASoC: Intel: bytct_rt5640: change default capture settings
          - [armhf,arm64] clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Don't assume clock runs
            in suspend
          - scsi: ufs: introduce UFSHCD_QUIRK_PRDT_BYTE_GRAN quirk
          - HID: multitouch: do not retrieve all reports for all devices
          - [arm64] mmc: sdhci-msm: Enable few quirks
          - scsi: ufs: ensure that host pa_tactivate is higher than device
          - svcauth_gss: Close connection when dropping an incoming message
          - scsi: ufs: add quirk to increase host PA_SaveConfigTime
          - [x86] platform: acer-wmi: Only supports AMW0_GUID1 on acer family
          - nvme: simplify stripe quirk
          - ACPI / sysfs: Provide quirk mechanism to prevent GPE flooding
          - HID: usbhid: Add quirk for the Futaba TOSD-5711BB VFD
          - [x86] drm/i915: actually drive the BDW reserved IDs
          - scsi: ufs: issue link starup 2 times if device isn't active
          - [armhf] serial: 8250_omap: Add OMAP_DMA_TX_KICK quirk for AM437x
          - ACPI / button: Change default behavior to lid_init_state=open
          - [x86] ACPI: save NVS memory for Lenovo G50-45
          - HID: wacom: don't apply generic settings to old devices
          - [arm64] firmware: qcom: scm: Fix interrupted SCM calls
          - [armhf] watchdog: s3c2410: Fix infinite interrupt in soft mode
          - [x86] platform: asus-wmi: Set specified XUSB2PR value for X550LB
          - [x86] platform: asus-wmi: Detect quirk_no_rfkill from the DSDT
          - [x86] reboot/quirks: Add ASUS EeeBook X205TA reboot quirk
          - [x86] reboot/quirks: Add ASUS EeeBook X205TA/W reboot quirk
          - usb-storage: Add ignore-residue quirk for Initio INIC-3619
          - [x86] reboot/quirks: Fix typo in ASUS EeeBook X205TA reboot quirk
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: Increase PCODE request timeout to 50ms
          - [x86] drm/i915: Nuke debug messages from the pipe update critical section
          - [x86] drm/i915: Avoid tweaking evaluation thresholds on Baytrail v3
          - [x86] drm/i915: Only enable hotplug interrupts if the display interrupts
            are enabled
          - [x86] drm/i915: Drop support for I915_EXEC_CONSTANTS_* execbuf parameters.
          - [x86] drm/i915: Stop using RP_DOWN_EI on Baytrail
          - [x86] drm/i915: Avoid rcu_barrier() from reclaim paths (shrinker)
          - [armhf,arm64] i2c: bcm2835: Fix hang for writing messages larger than 16
          - rt2x00usb: fix anchor initialization
          - rt2x00usb: do not anchor rx and tx urb's
          - [mips*] Introduce irq_stack
          - [mips*] Stack unwinding while on IRQ stack
          - [mips*] Only change $28 to thread_info if coming from user mode
          - [mips*] Switch to the irq_stack in interrupts
          - [mips*] Select HAVE_IRQ_EXIT_ON_IRQ_STACK
          - [mips*] IRQ Stack: Fix erroneous jal to plat_irq_dispatch
          - [x86] Revert "drm/i915/execlists: Reset RING registers upon resume"
          - blk-mq: Avoid memory reclaim when remapping queues
          - usb: hub: Wait for connection to be reestablished after port reset
          - net/mlx4_en: Fix bad WQE issue
          - net/mlx4_core: Fix racy CQ (Completion Queue) free
          - net/mlx4_core: Fix when to save some qp context flags for dynamic VST to
            VGT transitions
          - dma-buf: add support for compat ioctl
          - cgroup, kthread: close race window where new kthreads can be migrated to
            non-root cgroups
          - thp: fix MADV_DONTNEED vs. MADV_FREE race
          - thp: fix MADV_DONTNEED vs clear soft dirty race
          - zsmalloc: expand class bit
          - drm/nouveau/mpeg: mthd returns true on success now
          - drm/nouveau/mmu/nv4a: use nv04 mmu rather than the nv44 one
          - [armhf] drm/etnaviv: fix missing unlock on error in etnaviv_gpu_submit()
          - CIFS: reconnect thread reschedule itself
          - CIFS: store results of cifs_reopen_file to avoid infinite wait
          - Input: xpad - add support for Razer Wildcat gamepad
          - [x86] perf: Avoid exposing wrong/stale data in intel_pmu_lbr_read_32()
          - [x86] efi: Don't try to reserve runtime regions
          - [x86] signals: Fix lower/upper bound reporting in compat siginfo
          - [x86] pmem: fix broken __copy_user_nocache cache-bypass assumptions
          - [x86] vdso: Ensure vdso32_enabled gets set to valid values only
          - [x86] vdso: Plug race between mapping and ELF header setup
          - [x86] acpi, nfit, libnvdimm: fix interleave set cookie calculation
            (64-bit comparison)
          - ACPI / scan: Set the visited flag for all enumerated devices
          - [hppa] fix bugs in pa_memcpy
          - efi/libstub: Skip GOP with PIXEL_BLT_ONLY format
          - efi/fb: Avoid reconfiguration of BAR that covers the framebuffer
          - iscsi-target: Fix TMR reference leak during session shutdown
          - iscsi-target: Drop work-around for legacy GlobalSAN initiator
          - scsi: sr: Sanity check returned mode data
          - scsi: sd: Consider max_xfer_blocks if opt_xfer_blocks is unusable
          - scsi: qla2xxx: Add fix to read correct register value for ISP82xx.
          - scsi: sd: Fix capacity calculation with 32-bit sector_t
          - target: Avoid mappedlun symlink creation during lun shutdown
          - xen, fbfront: fix connecting to backend
          - new privimitive: iov_iter_revert()
          - make skb_copy_datagram_msg() et.al. preserve ->msg_iter on error
          - [x86] libnvdimm: fix blk free space accounting
          - [x86] libnvdimm: fix reconfig_mutex, mmap_sem, and jbd2_handle lockdep
          - [armhf] pwm: rockchip: State of PWM clock should synchronize with PWM
            enabled state
          - cpufreq: Bring CPUs up even if cpufreq_online() failed
          - [armhf] irqchip/irq-imx-gpcv2: Fix spinlock initialization
          - ftrace: Fix removing of second function probe
          - zram: do not use copy_page with non-page aligned address
          - ftrace: Fix function pid filter on instances
          - crypto: algif_aead - Fix bogus request dereference in completion function
          - crypto: ahash - Fix EINPROGRESS notification callback (CVE-2017-7618)
          - [hppa] Fix get_user() for 64-bit value on 32-bit kernel
          - dvb-usb-v2: avoid use-after-free (CVE-2017-8064)
          - drm/nouveau/disp/mcp7x: disable dptmds workaround (Closes: #850219)
          - [x86] mm: Tighten x86 /dev/mem with zeroing reads (CVE-2017-7889)
          - dvb-usb-firmware: don't do DMA on stack (CVE-2017-8061)
          - cxusb: Use a dma capable buffer also for reading (CVE-2017-8063)
          - virtio-console: avoid DMA from stack (CVE-2017-8067)
          - KEYS: Disallow keyrings beginning with '.' to be joined as session
            keyrings (CVE-2016-9604)
          - KEYS: Change the name of the dead type to ".dead" to prevent user access
          - KEYS: fix keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring() to not leak thread keyrings
          - tracing: Allocate the snapshot buffer before enabling probe
          - ring-buffer: Have ring_buffer_iter_empty() return true when empty
          - mm: prevent NR_ISOLATE_* stats from going negative
          - cifs: Do not send echoes before Negotiate is complete (Closes: #856843)
          - CIFS: remove bad_network_name flag
          - [s390x] mm: fix CMMA vs KSM vs others
          - Input: elantech - add Fujitsu Lifebook E547 to force crc_enabled
          - ACPI / power: Avoid maybe-uninitialized warning
          - [armhf] mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: increase the pad I/O drive strength for
            DDR50 card
          - ubifs: Fix RENAME_WHITEOUT support
          - ubifs: Fix O_TMPFILE corner case in ubifs_link()
          - mac80211: reject ToDS broadcast data frames
          - mac80211: fix MU-MIMO follow-MAC mode
          - ubi/upd: Always flush after prepared for an update
          - [powerpc*] kprobe: Fix oops when kprobed on 'stdu' instruction
          - [x86] mce/AMD: Give a name to MCA bank 3 when accessed with legacy MSRs
          - [x86] mce: Make the MCE notifier a blocking one
          - device-dax: switch to srcu, fix rcu_read_lock() vs pte allocation
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * w1: Really enable W1_MASTER_GPIO as module (Closes: #858975)
        * debian/rules.real: Undefine $LANGUAGE, which can break debug symbols for
          vDSOs (Closes: #859807)
        * Bump ABI to 3
        * [s390x] Set NR_CPUS=256 (Closes: #858731)
        * [x86] usbip: Increase USBIP_VHCI_NR_HCS to 8 and USBIP_VHCI_HC_PORTS to 31
          (Closes: #859641)
        * [powerpc/powerpc64,ppc64*] target: Enable SCSI_IBMVSCSIS as module
        * cpupower: Fix turbo frequency reporting for pre-Sandy Bridge cores
          (Closes: #859978)
        * udeb: Include all AHCI drivers in sata-modules (Closes: #860335)
        * [powerpc/powerpc64,ppc64] Set NR_CPUS=2048, matching ppc64el
        * [powerpc*/*64*] Enable CPUMASK_OFFSTACK to reduce stack usage
        * [mips*el/loongson-3] Set NR_CPUS=16 to allow for Loongson 3B2000
        * [mips*/octeon] Set NR_CPUS=64 to allow for Cavium CN7890
        * [arm64] Set NR_CPUS=256 to allow for multi-SoC systems (Closes: #861209)
        * [powerpc/powerpc-smp,powerpcspe] Explicitly set NR_CPUS=4
        * Move debug symbols back to the main archive, to avoid problems with the
          current handling in dak
        * linux-image: Disable signing until it's supported in dak
        * [rt] Update to 4.9.20-rt16:
          - rtmutex: Make lock_killable work
          - rtmutex: Provide rt_mutex_lock_state()
          - rtmutex: Provide locked slowpath
          - rwsem/rt: Lift single reader restriction
        * PCI: Enable PCIE_PTM (except on armel/marvell)
        * 6lowpan: Enable Generic Header Compression modules
        * net/sched: Enable NET_ACT_SKBMOD as module
        * ethernet: Enable NFP_NETVF as module
        * net/phy: Enable MICROSEMI_PHY as module
        * input/tablet: Enable TABLET_USB_PEGASUS as module
        * [x86] input/touchscreen: Enable TOUCHSCREEN_SURFACE3_SPI as module
        * serial/8250: Enable SERIAL_8250_MOXA as module
        * [x86] gpio: Enable GPIO_AMDPT as module
        * [x86] thermal: Enable INT3406_THERMAL as module
        * watchdog: Enable WATCHDOG_SYSFS
        * integrity: Enable IMA, IMA_DEFAULT_HASH_SHA256, IMA_APPRAISE,
          (except on armel/marvell) (Closes: #788290)
        * media: Enable VIDEO_TW5864, VIDEO_TW686X as modules
        * [x86] amdgpu,sound/soc: Enable DRM_AMD_ACP; enable SND_SOC_AMD_ACP as module
        * hda: Set SND_HDA_PREALLOC_SIZE=2048 as recommended for PulseAudio
        * HID: Enable HID_SENSOR_CUSTOM_SENSOR as module
        * leds,USB: Enable USB_LEDS_TRIGGER_USBPORT as module
        * usbip: Enable USBIP_VUDC as module
        * USB/misc: Enable UCSI as module
          as modules
        * [amd64] EDAC: Enable EDAC_SKX as module
        * [x86] comedi: Enable COMEDI_ADV_PCI1720, COMEDI_ADV_PCI1760 as modules
        * [x86] platform: Enable INTEL_HID_EVENT as module
        * [x86] hwtracing: Enable INTEL_TH, INTEL_TH_PCI, INTEL_TH_GTH, INTEL_TH_MSU,
          INTEL_TH_PTI as modules
        * [rt] tracing: Enable HWLAT_TRACER
        * [x86] crypto: Enable CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C3XXX, CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C62X,
        * crypto: Enable CRYPTO_DEV_CHELSIO as module
          SETEND_EMULATION (Closes: #861384)
        * udeb: Add tifm_7xx1 to mmc-modules (Closes: #861195)
        * leds: Enable LEDS_GPIO as module for all configurations with GPIOs
          (Closes: #860569)
        * selinux: Set SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VALUE=0, per default.
          This may break some old applications if SELinux is enabled, and can be
          reverted using the kernel parameter: checkreqprot=1
        * udeb: Move mfd-core to kernel-image, as both input-modules and
          mmc-modules need it
        * crypto: Change CRYPTO_SHA256 from module to built-in, as required by IMA
        [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
        * ping: implement proper locking (CVE-2017-2671)
        * macsec: avoid heap overflow in skb_to_sgvec (CVE-2017-7477)
        * macsec: dynamically allocate space for sglist
        * nfsd: check for oversized NFSv2/v3 arguments (CVE-2017-7645)
        * nfsd4: minor NFSv2/v3 write decoding cleanup
        * nfsd: stricter decoding of write-like NFSv2/v3 ops (CVE-2017-7895)
        [ Aurelien Jarno ]
        * [mips*/octeon] Drop obsolete patch adding support for the UBNT E200
        * [mips*el/loongson-3] Disable PAGE_EXTENSION and PAGE_POISONING.
        [ John Paul Adrian Glaubitz ]
        * [m68k] udeb: Enable suffix for kernel-image (Closes: #859366)
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  16. 23 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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      Import Debian changes 4.9.18-1parrot18 · 1d73db37
      Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra authored
      linux (4.9.18-1parrot18) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new upstream release.
      linux (4.9.18-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
          - net/mlx5e: Register/unregister vport representors on interface
          - net/mlx5e: Do not reduce LRO WQE size when not using build_skb
          - net/mlx5e: Fix wrong CQE decompression
          - vxlan: correctly validate VXLAN ID against VXLAN_N_VID
          - vti6: return GRE_KEY for vti6
          - vxlan: don't allow overwrite of config src addr
          - ipv4: mask tos for input route
          - net sched actions: decrement module reference count after table flush.
          - l2tp: avoid use-after-free caused by l2tp_ip_backlog_recv
          - net: phy: Avoid deadlock during phy_error()
          - vxlan: lock RCU on TX path
          - geneve: lock RCU on TX path
          - tcp/dccp: block BH for SYN processing
          - net: bridge: allow IPv6 when multicast flood is disabled
          - net: don't call strlen() on the user buffer in packet_bind_spkt()
          - net: net_enable_timestamp() can be called from irq contexts
          - ipv6: orphan skbs in reassembly unit
          - dccp: Unlock sock before calling sk_free()
          - strparser: destroy workqueue on module exit
          - tcp: fix various issues for sockets morphing to listen state
          - net: fix socket refcounting in skb_complete_wifi_ack()
          - net: fix socket refcounting in skb_complete_tx_timestamp()
          - net/sched: act_skbmod: remove unneeded rcu_read_unlock in tcf_skbmod_dump
          - dccp: fix use-after-free in dccp_feat_activate_values
          - vrf: Fix use-after-free in vrf_xmit
          - net/tunnel: set inner protocol in network gro hooks
          - act_connmark: avoid crashing on malformed nlattrs with null parms
          - mpls: Send route delete notifications when router module is unloaded
          - mpls: Do not decrement alive counter for unregister events
          - ipv6: make ECMP route replacement less greedy
          - ipv6: avoid write to a possibly cloned skb
          - bridge: drop netfilter fake rtable unconditionally
          - dccp/tcp: fix routing redirect race
          - tun: fix premature POLLOUT notification on tun devices
          - dccp: fix memory leak during tear-down of unsuccessful connection request
          - bpf: Detect identical PTR_TO_MAP_VALUE_OR_NULL registers
          - bpf: fix state equivalence
          - bpf: fix regression on verifier pruning wrt map lookups
          - bpf: fix mark_reg_unknown_value for spilled regs on map value marking
          - dmaengine: iota: ioat_alloc_chan_resources should not perform sleeping
          - xen: do not re-use pirq number cached in pci device msi msg data
          - igb: Workaround for igb i210 firmware issue
          - igb: add i211 to i210 PHY workaround
          - [x86] hyperv: Handle unknown NMIs on one CPU when unknown_nmi_panic
          - PCI: Separate VF BAR updates from standard BAR updates
          - PCI: Remove pci_resource_bar() and pci_iov_resource_bar()
          - PCI: Don't update VF BARs while VF memory space is enabled
          - PCI: Update BARs using property bits appropriate for type
          - PCI: Ignore BAR updates on virtual functions
          - PCI: Do any VF BAR updates before enabling the BARs
          - [powerpc*] ibmveth: calculate gso_segs for large packets
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: ring_buffer: count on wrap around mappings in
            get_next_pkt_raw() (v2)
          - vfio/spapr: Postpone allocation of userspace version of TCE table
          - [powerpc*] iommu: Stop using @current in mm_iommu_xxx
          - [powerpc*] vfio/spapr: Reference mm in tce_container
          - [powerpc*] mm/iommu, vfio/spapr: Put pages on VFIO container shutdown
          - [powerpc*] vfio/spapr: Add a helper to create default DMA window
          - [powerpc*] vfio/spapr: Postpone default window creation
          - drm/nouveau/disp/gp102: fix cursor/overlay immediate channel indices
          - drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: split chid into chid.ctrl and chid.user
          - drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: specify ctrl/user separately when constructing
          - block: allow WRITE_SAME commands with the SG_IO ioctl
          - [s390x] zcrypt: Introduce CEX6 toleration
          - uvcvideo: uvc_scan_fallback() for webcams with broken chain
          - [x86] ACPI / blacklist: add _REV quirks for Dell Precision 5520 and 3520
          - [x86] ACPI / blacklist: Make Dell Latitude 3350 ethernet work
          - serial: 8250_pci: Detach low-level driver during PCI error recovery
          - [armhf] clk: bcm2835: Fix ->fixed_divider of pllh_aux
          - [armhf] drm/vc4: Fix race between page flip completion event and clean-up
          - [armhf] drm/vc4: Fix ->clock_select setting for the VEC encoder
          - [arm64] KVM: VHE: Clear HCR_TGE when invalidating guest TLBs
          - [armhf,arm64] irqchip/gicv3-its: Add workaround for QDF2400 ITS erratum
          - [x86] tsc: Fix ART for TSC_KNOWN_FREQ
          - [x86] perf: Fix CR4.PCE propagation to use active_mm instead of mm
          - futex: Fix potential use-after-free in FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI
          - futex: Add missing error handling to FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI
          - locking/rwsem: Fix down_write_killable() for
          - [powerpc*] crypto: Fix initialisation of crc32c context
          - [armhf] drm/vc4: Fix termination of the initial scan for branch targets.
          - [armhf] drm/vc4: Use runtime autosuspend to avoid thrashing V3D power
          - qla2xxx: Fix memory leak for abts processing
          - qla2xxx: Fix request queue corruption.
          - [hppa] Optimize flush_kernel_vmap_range and invalidate_kernel_vmap_range
          - [hppa] Fix system shutdown halt
          - perf/core: Fix use-after-free in perf_release()
          - perf/core: Fix event inheritance on fork()
          - NFS prevent double free in async nfs4_exchange_id
          - cpufreq: Fix and clean up show_cpuinfo_cur_freq()
          - [powerpc*] boot: Fix zImage TOC alignment
          - md/raid1/10: fix potential deadlock
          - target/pscsi: Fix TYPE_TAPE + TYPE_MEDIMUM_CHANGER export
          - scsi: lpfc: Add shutdown method for kexec
          - scsi: libiscsi: add lock around task lists to fix list corruption
          - target: Fix VERIFY_16 handling in sbc_parse_cdb
          - isdn/gigaset: fix NULL-deref at probe
          - gfs2: Avoid alignment hole in struct lm_lockname
          - percpu: acquire pcpu_lock when updating pcpu_nr_empty_pop_pages
          - cgroup/pids: remove spurious suspicious RCU usage warning
          - [x86] drm/amdgpu/si: add dpm quirk for Oland
          - ext4: fix fencepost in s_first_meta_bg validation (Closes: #856808)
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [powerpc*] Ignore ABI changes in cxl (fixes FTBFS) (Closes: #858530)
          and IOMMU setup
        * Ignore ABI changes in bpf, dccp, libiscsi
        * [x86] Ignore ABI changes in kvm
        * [rt] Update to 4.9.18-rt14:
          - lockdep: Fix per-cpu static objects
          - futex: Cleanup variable names for futex_top_waiter()
          - futex: Use smp_store_release() in mark_wake_futex()
          - futex: Remove rt_mutex_deadlock_account_*()
          - futex,rt_mutex: Provide futex specific rt_mutex API
          - futex: Change locking rules
          - futex: Cleanup refcounting
          - futex: Rework inconsistent rt_mutex/futex_q state
          - futex: Pull rt_mutex_futex_unlock() out from under hb->lock
          - futex,rt_mutex: Introduce rt_mutex_init_waiter()
          - futex,rt_mutex: Restructure rt_mutex_finish_proxy_lock()
          - futex: Rework futex_lock_pi() to use rt_mutex_*_proxy_lock()
          - futex: Futex_unlock_pi() determinism
          - futex: Drop hb->lock before enqueueing on the rtmutex
          - futex: workaround migrate_disable/enable in different context
          - Revert "kernel/futex: don't deboost too early"
        * xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE XFRMA_REPLAY_ESN_VAL replay_window
        * xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE incoming ESN size harder (CVE-2017-7184)
        * scsi: sg: check length passed to SG_NEXT_CMD_LEN (CVE-2017-7187)
        * [x86] vmwgfx: NULL pointer dereference in vmw_surface_define_ioctl()
        * [x86] drm/vmwgfx: fix integer overflow in vmw_surface_define_ioctl()
        * net/packet: Fix integer overflow in various range checks (CVE-2017-7308)
        * [arm64] rtc: tegra: Implement clock handling (Closes: #858514)
        * [armhf] sound/soc: Enable SND_SUN4I_SPDIF as module (Closes: #857410)
        * [arm64,x86] Enable CROS_KBD_LED_BACKLIGHT as module (Closes: #856906)
        * netfilter: nft_ct: add notrack support (Closes: #845500)
        * w1: Enable W1_MASTER_GPIO as module (Closes: #858975)
        [ James Clarke ]
        * [sparc64] udeb: Re-add ufs-modules (Closes: #858049)
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  19. 02 Mar, 2017 3 commits
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      Import Debian changes 4.9.13-1parrot0 · 16c3aad7
      Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra authored
      linux (4.9.13-1parrot0) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new upstream release
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      Import Debian changes 4.9.13-1 · 5605e273
      Ben Hutchings authored and Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra committed
      linux (4.9.13-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
          - can: Fix kernel panic at security_sock_rcv_skb
          - net/mlx5e: Fix update of hash function/key via ethtool
          - net/sched: matchall: Fix configuration race
          - ipv6: fix ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim()
          - ipv6: pointer math error in ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim()
          - tcp: fix 0 divide in __tcp_select_window()
          - stmmac: Discard masked flags in interrupt status register
          - net: use a work queue to defer net_disable_timestamp() work
          - netlabel: out of bound access in cipso_v4_validate()
          - ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid reads (CVE-2017-5897)
          - ipv6: tcp: add a missing tcp_v6_restore_cb()
          - tcp: avoid infinite loop in tcp_splice_read() (CVE-2017-6214)
          - tun: read vnet_hdr_sz once
          - macvtap: read vnet_hdr_size once
          - rtl8150: Use heap buffers for all register access
          - catc: Combine failure cleanup code in catc_probe()
          - catc: Use heap buffer for memory size test
          - mlx4: Invoke softirqs after napi_reschedule
          - lwtunnel: valid encap attr check should return 0 when lwtunnel
            is disabled
          - sit: fix a double free on error path
          - net: introduce device min_header_len
          - packet: round up linear to header len
          - ping: fix a null pointer dereference
          - net: dsa: Do not destroy invalid network devices
          - l2tp: do not use udp_ioctl()
          - mld: do not remove mld souce list info when set link down
          - igmp, mld: Fix memory leak in igmpv3/mld_del_delrec()
          - tcp: fix mark propagation with fwmark_reflect enabled
          - net/mlx5: Don't unlock fte while still using it
          - tcp: don't annotate mark on control socket from
          - [x86] fpu/xstate: Fix xcomp_bv in XSAVES header
          - vfs: fix uninitialized flags in splice_to_pipe()
          - siano: make it work again with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK
          - fuse: fix use after free issue in fuse_dev_do_read()
          - fuse: fix uninitialized flags in pipe_buffer
          - mmc: core: fix multi-bit bus width without high-speed mode
          - [powerpc*/*64*] Disable use of radix under a hypervisor
          - scsi: don't BUG_ON() empty DMA transfers
          - Fix missing sanity check in /dev/sg
          - [x86] Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0605 to the ACPI table
          - drm/radeon: Use mode h/vdisplay fields to hide out of bounds HW cursor
          - drm/dp/mst: fix kernel oops when turning off secondary monitor
          - futex: Move futex_init() to core_initcall
          - [armel,armhf] 8658/1: uaccess: fix zeroing of 64-bit get_user()
          - Revert "i2c: designware: detect when dynamic tar update is possible"
          - PCI/PME: Restore pcie_pme_driver.remove
          - printk: use rcuidle console tracepoint
          - timekeeping: Use deferred printk() in debug code
          - bcache: Make gc wakeup sane, remove set_task_state()
          - videodev2.h: go back to limited range Y'CbCr for SRGB and, ADOBERGB
          - net/mlx5e: Disable preemption when doing TC statistics upcall
          - net/llc: avoid BUG_ON() in skb_orphan() (CVE-2017-6345)
          - net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix cpsw assignment in resume
            (regression in 4.9)
          - packet: fix races in fanout_add() (CVE-2017-6346)
          - packet: Do not call fanout_release from atomic contexts
            (regression in 4.9)
          - net: neigh: Fix netevent NETEVENT_DELAY_PROBE_TIME_UPDATE notification
          - dccp: fix freeing skb too early for IPV6_RECVPKTINFO (CVE-2017-6074)
          - vxlan: fix oops in dev_fill_metadata_dst (regression in 4.6)
          - irda: Fix lockdep annotations in hashbin_delete(). (CVE-2017-6348)
          - ptr_ring: fix race conditions when resizing
          - ip: fix IP_CHECKSUM handling (regression in 4.0) (CVE-2017-6347)
          - net: socket: fix recvmmsg not returning error from sock_error
            (regression in 4.6)
          - USB: serial: mos7840: fix another NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix modem-status error handling
          - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix extreme low-latency setting
          - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix line-status over-reporting
          - USB: serial: spcp8x5: fix modem-status handling
          - USB: serial: opticon: fix CTS retrieval at open
          - USB: serial: ark3116: fix register-accessor error handling
          - netfilter: nf_ct_helper: warn when not applying default helper assignment
          - block: fix double-free in the failure path of cgwb_bdi_init()
          - rtlwifi: rtl_usb: Fix for URB leaking when doing ifconfig up/down
          - xfs: clear delalloc and cache on buffered write failure
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [armel] dts: kirkwood: Fix SATA pinmux-ing for TS419 (Closes: #855017)
        * [armhf] Enable DRM_OMAP_PANEL_TPO_TD028TTEC1, PWM_OMAP_DMTIMER as modules
          (Closes: #855472)
        * net: Ignore ABI changes to can_rx_register(), ip6_xmit()
        * net: Avoid ABI change for min_header_len
        * udeb: Add more USB host and dual-role drivers to usb-modules
          (Closes: #856111)
        * [x86] kvm: fix page struct leak in handle_vmon (CVE-2017-2596)
        * ipc/shm: Fix shmat mmap nil-page protection (CVE-2017-5669)
        * time: Disable TIMER_STATS (CVE-2017-5967)
        * sctp: deny peeloff operation on asocs with threads sleeping on it
        * [rt] Update to 4.9.13-rt10:
          - sched/rt: Add a missing rescheduling point
          - lockdep: Handle statically initialized PER_CPU locks proper
          - Change export of rt_mutex_destroy() back to GPL-only
      linux (4.9.10-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
          - drm: Schedule the output_poll_work with 1s delay if we have delayed event
          - drm: Fix broken VT switch with video=1366x768 option
          - [x86] drm/i915: Ignore bogus plane coordinates on SKL when the plane is
            not visible
          - [armhf,arm64] drm/vc4: Fix memory leak of the CRTC state.
          - [armhf,arm64] drm/vc4: fix a bounds check
          - Revert "drm/radeon: always apply pci shutdown callbacks"
          - drm/atomic: clear out fence when duplicating state
          - mm/huge_memory.c: respect FOLL_FORCE/FOLL_COW for thp
          - mm/mempolicy.c: do not put mempolicy before using its nodemask
          - mm, page_alloc: fix check for NULL preferred_zone
          - mm, page_alloc: fix fast-path race with cpuset update or removal
          - mm, page_alloc: move cpuset seqcount checking to slowpath
          - mm, page_alloc: fix premature OOM when racing with cpuset mems update
          - userns: Make ucounts lock irq-safe
          - sysctl: fix proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax()
          - xfs: prevent quotacheck from overloading inode lru
          - ISDN: eicon: silence misleading array-bounds warning
          - Btrfs: remove old tree_root case in btrfs_read_locked_inode()
          - Btrfs: disable xattr operations on subvolume directories
          - Btrfs: remove ->{get, set}_acl() from btrfs_dir_ro_inode_operations
          - RDMA/cma: Fix unknown symbol when CONFIG_IPV6 is not enabled
          - [s390x] mm: Fix cmma unused transfer from pgste into pte
          - [s390x] ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write
          - IB/cxgb3: fix misspelling in header guard
          - IB/iser: Fix sg_tablesize calculation
          - IB/srp: fix mr allocation when the device supports sg gaps
          - IB/srp: fix invalid indirect_sg_entries parameter value
          - can: c_can_pci: fix null-pointer-deref in c_can_start() - set device
          - can: ti_hecc: add missing prepare and unprepare of the clock
          - [hppa] Don't use BITS_PER_LONG in userspace-exported swab.h header
          - nfs: Don't increment lock sequence ID after NFS4ERR_MOVED
          - NFSv4.1: Fix a deadlock in layoutget
          - NFSv4.0: always send mode in SETATTR after EXCLUSIVE4
          - SUNRPC: cleanup ida information when removing sunrpc module
          - iw_cxgb4: free EQ queue memory on last deref
          - pctv452e: move buffer to heap, no mutex
          - v4l: tvp5150: Reset device at probe time, not in get/set format handlers
          - v4l: tvp5150: Fix comment regarding output pin muxing
          - v4l: tvp5150: Don't override output pinmuxing at stream on/off time
          - [x86] drm/i915: Clear ret before unbinding in i915_gem_evict_something()
          - [x86] drm/i915: prevent crash with .disable_display parameter
          - [x86] drm/i915: Don't leak edid in intel_crt_detect_ddc()
          - [x86] drm/i915: Don't init hpd polling for vlv and chv from
          - [x86] drm/i915: Fix calculation of rotated x and y offsets for planar
          - [x86] drm/i915: Check for NULL atomic state in
          - IB/umem: Release pid in error and ODP flow
          - [x86] pinctrl: baytrail: Rectify debounce support
          - memory_hotplug: make zone_can_shift() return a boolean value
          - virtio_mmio: Set DMA masks appropriately
          - mm, memcg: do not retry precharge charges
          - perf/core: Fix concurrent sys_perf_event_open() vs. 'move_group' race
          - [x86] drm/i915: Remove WaDisableLSQCROPERFforOCL KBL workaround.
          - r8152: fix the sw rx checksum is unavailable
          - [x86] netvsc: add rcu_read locking to netvsc callback
          - net: lwtunnel: Handle lwtunnel_fill_encap failure
          - net: ipv4: fix table id in getroute response
          - tcp: fix tcp_fastopen unaligned access complaints on sparc
          - openvswitch: maintain correct checksum state in conntrack actions
          - mlx4: do not call napi_schedule() without care
          - ip6_tunnel: Account for tunnel header in tunnel MTU
          - ax25: Fix segfault after sock connection timeout
          - net sched actions: fix refcnt when GETing of action after bind
          - virtio: don't set VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID on xmit
          - virtio-net: restore VIRTIO_HDR_F_DATA_VALID on receiving
          - vxlan: fix byte order of vxlan-gpe port number
          - net: fix harmonize_features() vs NETIF_F_HIGHDMA
          - lwtunnel: fix autoload of lwt modules
          - ipv6: addrconf: Avoid addrconf_disable_change() using RCU read-side lock
          - tcp: initialize max window for a new fastopen socket
          - net/mlx5e: Do not recycle pages from emergency reserve
          - bridge: netlink: call br_changelink() during br_dev_newlink()
          - net: mpls: Fix multipath selection for LSR use case
          - r8152: don't execute runtime suspend if the tx is not empty
          - af_unix: move unix_mknod() out of bindlock
          - net: Specify the owning module for lwtunnel ops
          - lwtunnel: Fix oops on state free after encap module unload
          - [armhf] net: dsa: Bring back device detaching in dsa_slave_suspend()
          - xfs: bump up reserved blocks in xfs_alloc_set_aside
          - xfs: fix bogus minleft manipulations
          - xfs: adjust allocation length in xfs_alloc_space_available
          - xfs: don't rely on ->total in xfs_alloc_space_available
          - xfs: don't print warnings when xfs_log_force fails
          - xfs: make the ASSERT() condition likely
          - xfs: sanity check directory inode di_size
          - xfs: add missing include dependencies to xfs_dir2.h
          - xfs: replace xfs_mode_to_ftype table with switch statement
          - xfs: sanity check inode mode when creating new dentry
          - xfs: sanity check inode di_mode
          - xfs: don't wrap ID in xfs_dq_get_next_id
          - xfs: fix xfs_mode_to_ftype() prototype
          - xfs: fix COW writeback race
          - xfs: verify dirblocklog correctly
          - xfs: remove racy hasattr check from attr ops
          - xfs: extsize hints are not unlikely in xfs_bmap_btalloc
          - xfs: clear _XBF_PAGES from buffers when readahead page
          - xfs: fix bmv_count confusion w/ shared extents
          - PCI/ASPM: Handle PCI-to-PCIe bridges as roots of PCIe hierarchies
          - ext4: validate s_first_meta_bg at mount time (CVE-2016-10208)
          - [x86] efi: Always map the first physical page into the EFI pagetables
          - [arm64] efi/fdt: Avoid FDT manipulation after ExitBootServices()
            (Closes: #853170)
          - HID: cp2112: fix sleep-while-atomic
          - HID: cp2112: fix gpio-callback error handling
          - [x86] pinctrl: baytrail: Add missing spinlock usage in
          - [x86] drm/amdgpu/si: fix crash on headless asics
          - drm/nouveau/disp/gt215: Fix HDA ELD handling (thus, HDMI audio) on gt215
          - drm/nouveau/nv1a,nv1f/disp: fix memory clock rate retrieval
          - crypto: api - Clear CRYPTO_ALG_DEAD bit before registering an alg
          - crypto: arm64/aes-blk - honour iv_out requirement in CBC and CTR modes
          - perf/core: Fix use-after-free bug
          - perf/core: Fix PERF_RECORD_MMAP2 prot/flags for anonymous memory
          - ata: sata_mv:- Handle return value of devm_ioremap.
          - libata: apply MAX_SEC_1024 to all CX1-JB*-HP devices
          - libata: Fix ATA request sense
          - [powerpc*] eeh: Fix wrong flag passed to eeh_unfreeze_pe()
          - [powerpc*] Add missing error check to prom_find_boot_cpu()
          - [powerpc*] mm: Use the correct pointer when setting a 2MB pte
          - NFSD: Fix a null reference case in find_or_create_lock_stateid()
          - svcrpc: fix oops in absence of krb5 module
          - zswap: disable changing params if init fails
          - cifs: initialize file_info_lock
          - mm/memory_hotplug.c: check start_pfn in test_pages_in_a_zone()
          - base/memory, hotplug: fix a kernel oops in show_valid_zones()
          - mm, fs: check for fatal signals in do_generic_file_read()
          - tracing: Fix hwlat kthread migration
          - can: bcm: fix hrtimer/tasklet termination in bcm op removal
          - cgroup: don't online subsystems before cgroup_name/path() are operational
          - mmc: sdhci: Ignore unexpected CARD_INT interrupts
          - vhost: fix initialization for vq->is_le
          - [armhf] regulator: axp20x: AXP806: Fix dcdcb being set instead of dcdce
          - percpu-refcount: fix reference leak during percpu-atomic transition
          - [x86] pinctrl: baytrail: Debounce register is one per community
          - [x86] pinctrl: intel: merrifield: Add missed check in mrfld_config_set()
          - iwlwifi: fix double hyphen in MODULE_FIRMWARE for 8000
          - iwlwifi: mvm: avoid crash on restart w/o reserved queues
          - HID: usbhid: Quirk a AMI virtual mouse and keyboard with ALWAYS_POLL
          - HID: hid-lg: Fix immediate disconnection of Logitech Rumblepad 2
          - HID: wacom: Fix poor prox handling in 'wacom_pl_irq'
          - [x86] perf/intel/uncore: Clean up hotplug conversion fallout
          - [armhf] dmaengine: cppi41: Fix runtime PM timeouts with USB mass storage
          - [armhf] dmaengine: cppi41: Fix oops in cppi41_runtime_resume
          - [x86] KVM: do not save guest-unsupported XSAVE state
          - USB: Add quirk for WORLDE easykey.25 MIDI keyboard
          - usb: musb: Fix host mode error -71 regression
          - usb: gadget: f_fs: Assorted buffer overflow checks.
          - irqdomain: Avoid activating interrupts more than once
          - [x86] irq: Make irq activate operations symmetric
          - iw_cxgb4: set correct FetchBurstMax for QPs
          - fs: break out of iomap_file_buffered_write on fatal signals
          - [x86] drm/i915/execlists: Reset RING registers upon resume
            (Closes: #855055)
          - [x86] cpufreq: intel_pstate: Disable energy efficiency optimization
          - acpi, nfit: fix acpi_nfit_flush_probe() crash
          - [x86] libnvdimm, namespace: do not delete namespace-id 0
          - [x86] libnvdimm, pfn: fix memmap reservation size versus 4K alignment
          - dm rq: cope with DM device destruction while in dm_old_request_fn()
          - crypto: algif_aead - Fix kernel panic on list_del
          - [x86] crypto: qat - fix bar discovery for c62x
          - [x86] crypto: qat - zero esram only for DH85x devices
          - [x86] crypto: ccp - Fix DMA operations when IOMMU is enabled
          - [x86] crypto: ccp - Fix double add when creating new DMA command
          - Input: uinput - fix crash when mixing old and new init style
          - selinux: fix off-by-one in setprocattr (CVE-2017-2618)
          - [x86] Revert "x86/ioapic: Restore IO-APIC irq_chip retrigger callback"
          - rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Fix loading of incorrect firmware (Closes: #853073)
          - cpumask: use nr_cpumask_bits for parsing functions (Closes: #848682)
          - [armel,armhf] 8643/3: arm/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short
            regset write
          - [x86] drm/i915: fix use-after-free in page_flip_completed()
          - [x86] drm/i915/bxt: Add MST support when do DPLL calculation
          - drm/atomic: Fix double free in drm_atomic_state_default_clear
          - target: Don't BUG_ON during NodeACL dynamic -> explicit conversion
          - target: Use correct SCSI status during EXTENDED_COPY exception
          - target: Fix early transport_generic_handle_tmr abort scenario
          - target: Fix multi-session dynamic se_node_acl double free OOPs
          - target: Fix COMPARE_AND_WRITE ref leak for non GOOD status
          - [armhf] dts: imx6dl: fix GPIO4 range
          - [armhf] 8642/1: LPAE: catch pending imprecise abort on unmask
          - [x86] drm/i915: Always convert incoming exec offsets to non-canonical
          - nl80211: Fix mesh HT operation check
          - mac80211: Fix adding of mesh vendor IEs
          - net/mlx5e: Modify TIRs hash only when it's needed
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Base host signaling strictly on the ring state
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: On write cleanup the logic to interrupt the host
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: On the read path cleanup the logic to interrupt
            the host
          - [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: finally fix hv_need_to_signal_on_read()
          - [s390x] scsi: zfcp: fix use-after-free by not tracing WKA port open/close
            on failed send
          - scsi: aacraid: Fix INTx/MSI-x issue with older controllers
          - scsi: mpt3sas: disable ASPM for MPI2 controllers
          - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid that issuing a LIP triggers a kernel crash
          - btrfs: fix btrfs_compat_ioctl failures on non-compat ioctls
          - [powerpc*] mm/radix: Update ERAT flushes when invalidating TLB
          - [powerpc*] powernv: Fix CPU hotplug to handle waking on HVI
          - xen-netfront: Delete rx_refill_timer in xennet_disconnect_backend()
          - ALSA: hda - adding a new NV HDMI/DP codec ID in the driver
          - ALSA: seq: Fix race at creating a queue
          - ALSA: seq: Don't handle loop timeout at snd_seq_pool_done()
          - Revert "ALSA: line6: Only determine control port properties if needed"
          - [x86] mm/ptdump: Fix soft lockup in page table walker
          - [x86] CPU/AMD: Bring back Compute Unit ID
          - [x86] CPU/AMD: Fix Zen SMT topology
          - IB/rxe: Fix resid update
          - IB/rxe: Fix mem_check_range integer overflow (CVE-2016-8636)
          - stacktrace, lockdep: Fix address, newline ugliness
          - perf diff: Fix -o/--order option behavior (again)
          - perf diff: Fix segfault on 'perf diff -o N' option
          - perf/core: Fix crash in perf_event_read()
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * Bump ABI to 2
        * [or1k] Remove configuration, as the port has been abandoned
        * [arm64] Enable KEXEC (Closes: #852747)
        * [arm64,armhf,x86] usb: gadget: Enable USB_CONFIGFS, USB_ETH, USB_GADGETFS,
          USB_FUNCTIONFS, USB_G_SERIAL as modules;
          USB_FUNCTIONFS_{ETH,RNDIS,GENERIC} (thanks to Riku Voipio)
        * [ppc64el] Disable IBMEBUS; this bus does not exist on POWER8 systems
        * aufs: Update support patchset to aufs4.9-20170206
        * [rt] Update to 4.9.9-rt6:
          - Revert "btrfs: swap free() and trace point in run_ordered_work()"
          - pinctrl: qcom: Use raw spinlock variants
          - x86/mm/cpa: avoid wbinvd() for PREEMPT
          - Revert "radix-tree: Make RT aware"
          - radix-tree: use local locks
          - softirq: wake the timer softirq if needed
          - timers: Don't wake ktimersoftd on every tick
          - rt: Drop mutex_disable() on !DEBUG configs and the GPL suffix from export
          - cpuset: Convert callback_lock to raw_spinlock_t
        * pegasus: Use heap buffers for all register access (Closes: #852556)
        * test-patches: Use the pkg.linux.notools build profile
        * test-patches: Set default number of jobs to number of available processors
        * dccp: Disable auto-loading as mitigation against local exploits
        * net: ipv6: check route protocol when deleting routes (Closes: #855153)
        * [arm64] drm: Enable DRM_AST as module (Closes: #820168)
          - udeb: Add ast to fb-modules
        * [armel/marvell] hwmon: Enable SENSORS_G762 as module (Closes: #854662)
        * [m68k] Change MAC8390, MAC_SCSI from built-in to modules (Closes: #826614)
          - udeb: Add mac8390 to nic-shared-modules
        * udeb: Add bcache to md-modules (Closes: #718548)
        * [x86] platform: acer-wmi: setup accelerometer when machine has appropriate
          notify event (Closes: #853067)
        * [x86] xen: Fix APIC id mismatch warning on Intel (Closes: #853193)
        * media: dvb-usb-dibusb-mc-common: Add MODULE_LICENSE (Closes: #853110)
        [ Roger Shimizu ]
        * [armel] ARM: dts: orion5x-lschl: Fix model name
        * [armel] ARM: dts: orion5x-lschl: More consistent naming on linkstation
        * [armel] ARM: orion5x: fix Makefile for linkstation-lschl.dtb
        [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
        * ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP options (CVE-2017-5970)
        * sctp: avoid BUG_ON on sctp_wait_for_sndbuf (CVE-2017-5986)
    • Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar
  20. 02 Feb, 2017 2 commits
    • Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra's avatar
      Import Debian changes 4.9.6-3parrot0 · f01064e3
      Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra authored
      linux (4.9.6-3parrot0) testing; urgency=medium
        * Import new Debian version
        * Fix patches
      linux (4.9.6-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * btree,musb,st_sensors: Ignore ABI changes (fixes FTBFS on armel,armhf)
      linux (4.9.6-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * linux-cpupower: Use dh-exec architecture filtering for x86-specific files
          (fixes FTBFS on !x86)
      linux (4.9.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
          - iio: common: st_sensors: fix channel data parsing
          - [mips] staging: octeon: Call SET_NETDEV_DEV()
          - ALSA: hda - Fix up GPIO for ASUS ROG Ranger
          - ALSA: hda - Apply asus-mode8 fixup to ASUS X71SL
          - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix irq/process data synchronization
          - fscrypt: fix renaming and linking special files
          - [hppa/parisc] Add line-break when printing segfault info
          - [hppa/parisc] Mark cr16 clocksource unstable on SMP systems
          - HID: sensor-hub: Move the memset to sensor_hub_get_feature()
          - mac80211: initialize fast-xmit 'info' later
          - asm-prototypes: Clear any CPP defines before declaring the functions
          - [x86] drm/i915: Fix oopses in the overlay code due to i915_gem_active
          - [x86] drm/i915: Fix oops in overlay due to frontbuffer tracking
          - [x86] drm/i915: Force VDD off on the new power seqeuencer before
            starting to use it
          - [x86] drm/i915: Initialize overlay->last_flip properly
          - [x86] KVM: reset MMU on KVM_SET_VCPU_EVENTS
          - [armhf] usb: musb: core: add clear_ep_rxintr() to musb_platform_ops
          - [armhf] usb: musb: dsps: implement clear_ep_rxintr() callback
          - usb: storage: unusual_uas: Add JMicron JMS56x to unusual device
          - usb: gadgetfs: restrict upper bound on device configuration size
          - USB: gadgetfs: fix unbounded memory allocation bug
          - USB: gadgetfs: fix use-after-free bug
          - USB: gadgetfs: fix checks of wTotalLength in config descriptors
          - USB: fix problems with duplicate endpoint addresses
          - usb: gadget: composite: Test get_alt() presence instead of set_alt()
          - [arm64, armhf] usb: dwc3: core: avoid Overflow events
          - usb: xhci: fix possible wild pointer
          - [x86] usb: xhci: apply XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel Apollo Lake
          - xhci: free xhci virtual devices with leaf nodes first
          - usb: xhci: fix return value of xhci_setup_device()
          - usb: host: xhci: Fix possible wild pointer when handling abort command
          - xhci: Handle command completion and timeout race
          - usb: xhci: hold lock over xhci_abort_cmd_ring()
          - USB: serial: omninet: fix NULL-derefs at open and disconnect
          - USB: serial: quatech2: fix sleep-while-atomic in close
          - USB: serial: pl2303: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: keyspan_pda: verify endpoints at probe
          - USB: serial: spcp8x5: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: io_ti: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: io_ti: fix another NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: io_ti: fix I/O after disconnect
          - USB: serial: iuu_phoenix: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on failed URB submit
          - USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: oti6858: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: cyberjack: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: kobil_sct: fix NULL-deref in write
          - USB: serial: mos7840: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: mos7720: fix NULL-deref at open
          - USB: serial: mos7720: fix use-after-free on probe errors
          - USB: serial: mos7720: fix parport use-after-free on probe errors
          - USB: serial: mos7720: fix parallel probe
          - usb: xhci-mem: use passed in GFP flags instead of GFP_KERNEL
          - xhci: Use delayed_work instead of timer for command timeout
          - xhci: Fix race related to abort operation
          - [armhf] usb: musb: Fix trying to free already-free IRQ 4
          - usb: hub: Move hub_port_disable() to fix warning if PM is disabled
          - usb: gadget: udc: core: fix return code of usb_gadget_probe_driver()
          - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix bogus error return in snd_usb_create_stream()
          - USB: serial: kl5kusb105: abort on open exception path
          - usb: gadget: Fix second argument of percpu_ida_alloc()
          - usb: gadget: fix request length error for isoc transfer
          - [armhf] dts: sun7i: bananapi-m1-plus: Enable USB PHY for USB host
          - dibusb: fix possible memory leak in dibusb_rc_query()
          - USB: serial: io_ti: bind to interface after fw download
          - [x86] mei: move write cb to completion on credentials failures
          - iio: accel: st_accel: fix LIS3LV02 reading and scaling
          - [arm64, armhf] usb: dwc3: ep0: add dwc3_ep0_prepare_one_trb()
          - [arm64, armhf] usb: dwc3: ep0: explicitly call
          - [arm64, armhf] usb: dwc3: gadget: always unmap EP0 requests
          - [x86] drm/i915/dp: add lane_count check in intel_dp_check_link_status
          - [x86] drm/i915: tune down the fast link training vs boot fail
          - mac80211: fix tid_agg_rx NULL dereference
          - nl80211: Use different attrs for BSSID and random MAC addr in scan req
          - ath10k: fix failure to send NULL func frame for 10.4
          - ath10k: use the right length of "background"
          - efi/efivar_ssdt_load: Don't return success on allocation failure
          - debugfs: improve DEFINE_DEBUGFS_ATTRIBUTE for !CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
          - [x86] prctl/uapi: Remove #ifdef for CHECKPOINT_RESTORE
          - [x86] cpu: Probe CPUID leaf 6 even when cpuid_level == 6
          - [x86] platform/x86: fujitsu-laptop: use brightness_set_blocking for
            LED-setting callbacks
          - hwmon: (amc6821) sign extension temperature
          - hwmon: (ds620) Fix overflows seen when writing temperature limits
          - [armhf] hwmon: (g762) Fix overflows and crash seen when writing limit
          - hwmon: (lm90) fix temp1_max_alarm attribute
          - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - unlock on error
          - [armhf] clk: ti: dra7: fix "failed to lookup clock node
            gmac_gmii_ref_clk_div" boot message
          - [amd64] iommu/amd: Missing error code in amd_iommu_init_device()
          - [amd64] iommu/amd: Fix the left value check of cmd buffer
          - [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix pasid table size encoding
          - [x86] iommu/vt-d: Flush old iommu caches for kdump when the device gets
            context mapped
          - [x86] ASoC: cht_bsw_rt5645: Fix leftover kmalloc
          - [x86] ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Fix a shift wrapping bug
          - scsi: mvsas: fix command_active typo
          - target/iscsi: Fix double free in lio_target_tiqn_addtpg()
          - sbp-target: Fix second argument of percpu_ida_alloc()
          - relay: check array offset before using it
          - PCI/MSI: Check for NULL affinity mask in pci_irq_get_affinity()
          - PM / wakeirq: Fix dedicated wakeirq for drivers not using autosuspend
          - genirq/affinity: Fix node generation from cpumask
          - mm/hugetlb.c: use the right pte val for compare in hugetlb_cow
          - docs-rst: fix LaTeX \DURole renewcommand with Sphinx 1.3+
          - mm: khugepaged: close use-after-free race during shmem collapsing
          - mm: khugepaged: fix radix tree node leak in shmem collapse error path
          - mm, compaction: fix NR_ISOLATED_* stats for pfn based migration
          - [s390x] crypto: unlock on error in prng_tdes_read()
          - [arm64] crypto: sha2-ce - fix for big endian
          - [arm64] crypto: ghash-ce - fix for big endian
          - [arm64] crypto: aes-ccm-ce: fix for big endian
          - [arm64] crypto: sha1-ce - fix for big endian
          - [arm64] crypto: aes-xts-ce: fix for big endian
          - [arm64] crypto: aes-ce - fix for big endian
          - md: MD_RECOVERY_NEEDED is set for mddev->recovery
          - md: fix refcount problem on mddev when stopping array.
          - f2fs: remove percpu_count due to performance regression
          - f2fs: hide a maybe-uninitialized warning
          - PCI: Add Mellanox device IDs
          - PCI: Convert broken INTx masking quirks from HEADER to FINAL
          - PCI: Convert Mellanox broken INTx quirks to be for listed devices only
          - PCI: Support INTx masking on ConnectX-4 with firmware x.14.1100+
          - PCI: Enable access to non-standard VPD for Chelsio devices (cxgb3)
          - [powerpc/powerpc64,ppc64*] pci/rpadlpar: Fix device reference leaks
          - [s390x] topology: always use s390 specific sched_domain_topology_level
          - [s390x] pci: fix dma address calculation in map_sg
          - drm/radeon: Always store CRTC relative radeon_crtc->cursor_x/y values
          - [x86] drm/i915: disable PSR by default on HSW/BDW
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: unconditionally apply the memory bandwidth WA
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: fix the WM memory bandwidth WA for Y tiling cases
          - xfs: don't call xfs_sb_quota_from_disk twice
          - xfs: check return value of _trans_reserve_quota_nblks
          - xfs: don't skip cow forks w/ delalloc blocks in cowblocks scan
          - xfs: don't BUG() on mixed direct and mapped I/O
          - xfs: provide helper for counting extents from if_bytes
          - xfs: check minimum block size for CRC filesystems
          - xfs: fix unbalanced inode reclaim flush locking
          - xfs: new inode extent list lookup helpers
          - xfs: factor rmap btree size into the indlen calculations
          - xfs: always succeed when deduping zero bytes
          - xfs: remove prev argument to xfs_bmapi_reserve_delalloc
          - xfs: track preallocation separately in xfs_bmapi_reserve_delalloc()
          - xfs: use new extent lookup helpers in __xfs_reflink_reserve_cow
          - xfs: clean up cow fork reservation and tag inodes correctly
          - xfs: use new extent lookup helpers xfs_file_iomap_begin_delay
          - xfs: pass post-eof speculative prealloc blocks to bmapi
          - xfs: Move AGI buffer type setting to xfs_read_agi
          - xfs: pass state not whichfork to trace_xfs_extlist
          - xfs: handle cow fork in xfs_bmap_trace_exlist
          - xfs: forbid AG btrees with level == 0
          - xfs: check for bogus values in btree block headers
          - xfs: complain if we don't get nextents bmap records
          - xfs: don't crash if reading a directory results in an unexpected hole
          - xfs: error out if trying to add attrs and anextents > 0
          - xfs: don't allow di_size with high bit set
          - xfs: don't cap maximum dedupe request length
          - xfs: ignore leaf attr ichdr.count in verifier during log replay
          - xfs: use GPF_NOFS when allocating btree cursors
          - xfs: fix double-cleanup when CUI recovery fails
          - xfs: use the actual AG length when reserving blocks
          - xfs: fix crash and data corruption due to removal of busy COW extents
          - xfs: fix max_retries _show and _store functions
          - clocksource/dummy_timer: Move hotplug callback after the real timers
          - tick/broadcast: Prevent NULL pointer dereference
          - Revert "rtlwifi: Fix enter/exit power_save"
          - Revert "usb: gadget: composite: always set ep->mult to a sensible value"
          - usb: gadget: composite: always set ep->mult to a sensible value
          - net: vrf: Fix NAT within a VRF
          - net: vrf: Drop conntrack data after pass through VRF device on Tx
          - sctp: sctp_transport_lookup_process should rcu_read_unlock when transport
            is null
          - inet: fix IP(V6)_RECVORIGDSTADDR for udp sockets
          - ipv6: handle -EFAULT from skb_copy_bits
          - net, sched: fix soft lockup in tc_classify
          - [arm64, armhf] net: stmmac: Fix race between stmmac_drv_probe and
          - net/sched: cls_flower: Fix missing addr_type in classify
          - net/mlx5: Check FW limitations on log_max_qp before setting it
          - net/mlx5: Cancel recovery work in remove flow
          - net/mlx5: Avoid shadowing numa_node
          - net/mlx5: Mask destination mac value in ethtool steering rules
          - net/mlx5: Prevent setting multicast macs for VFs
          - net/mlx5e: Don't sync netdev state when not registered
          - net/mlx5e: Disable netdev after close
          - rtnl: stats - add missing netlink message size checks
          - net: fix incorrect original ingress device index in PKTINFO
          - net: ipv4: dst for local input routes should use l3mdev if relevant
          - drop_monitor: add missing call to genlmsg_end
          - drop_monitor: consider inserted data in genlmsg_end
          - flow_dissector: Update pptp handling to avoid null pointer deref.
          - igmp: Make igmp group member RFC 3376 compliant
          - ipv4: Do not allow MAIN to be alias for new LOCAL w/ custom rules
          - net: vrf: Add missing Rx counters
          - [x86] bpf: change back to orig prog on too many passes
          - [armhf] net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Do not clobber b53_switch_ops
          - [armhf] net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Utilize nested MDIO read/write
          - r8152: split rtl8152_suspend function
          - r8152: fix rx issue for runtime suspend
          - [armhf] net: dsa: Ensure validity of dst->ds[0]
          - net: add the AF_QIPCRTR entries to family name tables
          - gro: Enter slow-path if there is no tailroom
          - gro: use min_t() in skb_gro_reset_offset()
          - gro: Disable frag0 optimization on IPv6 ext headers
          - net/mlx5e: Remove WARN_ONCE from adaptive moderation code
          - net: ipv4: Fix multipath selection with vrf
          - net: vrf: do not allow table id 0
          - HID: hid-cypress: validate length of report
          - ALSA: firewire-tascam: Fix to handle error from initialization of stream
          - [powerpc] Fix build warning on 32-bit PPC
          - [arm64] dts: mt8173: Fix auxadc node
          - [arm64] dts: bcm2837-rpi-3-b: remove incorrect pwr LED
          - [arm64] dts: bcm2835: Fix bcm2837 compatible string
          - svcrdma: Clear xpt_bc_xps in xprt_setup_rdma_bc() error exit arm
          - [armhf] OMAP5: Fix mpuss_early_init
          - [armhf] OMAP5: Fix build for PM code
          - [armhf] OMAP4+: Fix bad fallthrough for cpuidle
          - [armhf] omap2+: am437x: rollback to use omap3_gptimer_timer_init()
          - [armel/marvell, armhf] spi: mvebu: fix baudrate calculation for armada
          - ALSA: usb-audio: Add a quirk for Plantronics BT600
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: Fix PCODE polling during CDCLK change notification
          - rtlwifi: Fix enter/exit power_save
          - rtlwifi: rtl_usb: Fix missing entry in USB driver's private data
          - Input: xpad - use correct product id for x360w controllers
          - Input: i8042 - add Pegatron touchpad to noloop table
          - [armhf] regulator: axp20x: Fix axp809 ldo_io registration error on cold
          - [arm64, armhf] drm/tegra: dpaux: Fix error handling
          - [arm64, armhf] drm/vc4: Fix a couple error codes in vc4_cl_lookup_bos()
          - drm/savage: dereferencing an error pointer
          - zram: revalidate disk under init_lock
          - zram: support BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES
          - dax: fix deadlock with DAX 4k holes
          - mm: pmd dirty emulation in page fault handler
          - mm: fix devm_memremap_pages crash, use mem_hotplug_{begin, done}
          - ocfs2: fix crash caused by stale lvb with fsdlm plugin
          - mm, memcg: fix the active list aging for lowmem requests when memcg is
          - mm: support anonymous stable page
          - mm/slab.c: fix SLAB freelist randomization duplicate entries
          - mm/hugetlb.c: fix reservation race when freeing surplus pages
          - [x86] KVM: fix emulation of "MOV SS, null selector" (CVE-2017-2583)
          - KVM: eventfd: fix NULL deref irqbypass consumer
          - jump_labels: API for flushing deferred jump label updates
          - [x86] KVM: flush pending lapic jump label updates on module unload
          - [x86] KVM: fix NULL deref in vcpu_scan_ioapic
          - [x86] KVM: add Align16 instruction flag
          - [x86] KVM: add asm_safe wrapper
          - [x86] KVM: emulate FXSAVE and FXRSTOR
          - [x86] KVM: Introduce segmented_write_std (CVE-2017-2584)
          - efi/libstub/arm*: Pass latest memory map to the kernel
          - [x86] efi: Prune invalid memory map entries and fix boot regression
          - [x86] efi: Don't allocate memmap through memblock after mm_init()
            (Closes: #851928)
          - nl80211: fix sched scan netlink socket owner destruction
          - gpio: Move freeing of GPIO hogs before numbing of the device
          - xfs: Timely free truncated dirty pages
          - bridge: netfilter: Fix dropping packets that moving through bridge
          - [x86] cpu/AMD: Clean up cpu_llc_id assignment per topology feature
          - [x86] bugs: Separate AMD E400 erratum and C1E bug
          - [x86] CPU/AMD: Fix Bulldozer topology
          - wusbcore: Fix one more crypto-on-the-stack bug
          - [armhf] usb: musb: fix runtime PM in debugfs
          - USB: serial: kl5kusb105: fix line-state error handling (CVE-2017-5549)
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix initial modem-control state
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix resume after reset
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix open error handling
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix control-message error handling
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix open and resume after B0
          - i2c: print correct device invalid address
          - i2c: fix kernel memory disclosure in dev interface
          - fix a fencepost error in pipe_advance() (CVE-2017-5550)
          - xhci: fix deadlock at host remove by running watchdog correctly
          - btrfs: fix crash when tracepoint arguments are freed by wq callbacks
          - ASoC: hdmi-codec: use unsigned type to structure members with bit-field
          - Revert "tty: serial: 8250: add CON_CONSDEV to flags"
          - pid: fix lockdep deadlock warning due to ucount_lock
          - mnt: Protect the mountpoint hashtable with mount_lock
          - drivers: char: mem: Fix thinkos in kmem address checks
          - [armhf] dmaengine: omap-dma: Fix dynamic lch_map allocation
          - virtio_blk: avoid DMA to stack for the sense buffer
          - orinoco: Use shash instead of ahash for MIC calculations
          - sysrq: attach sysrq handler correctly for 32-bit kernel
          - [arm64, armhf] extcon: return error code on failure
          - Clearing FIFOs in RS485 emulation mode causes subsequent transmits to
          - sysctl: Drop reference added by grab_header in proc_sys_readdir
          - [s390x] net/af_iucv: don't use paged skbs for TX on HiperSockets
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: Fix PCODE polling timeout in stable backport
          - drm: Clean up planes in atomic commit helper failure path
          - drm/radeon: update smc firmware selection for SI
          - drm/radeon: drop verde dpm quirks
          - [x86] drm/amdgpu: update si kicker smc firmware
          - [x86] drm/amdgpu: drop verde dpm quirks
          - USB: serial: ch341: fix modem-control and B0 handling
          - net/mlx5: Only cancel recovery work when cleaning up device
          - i2c: piix4: Avoid race conditions with IMC
          - [x86] cpu: Fix bootup crashes by sanitizing the argument of the
            'clearcpuid=' command-line option
          - nvme: apply DELAY_BEFORE_CHK_RDY quirk at probe time too
          - btrfs: fix locking when we put back a delayed ref that's too new
          - btrfs: fix error handling when run_delayed_extent_op fails
          - NFS: fix typo in parameter description
          - pNFS: Fix race in pnfs_wait_on_layoutreturn
          - NFS: Fix a performance regression in readdir
          - NFSv4.1: nfs4_fl_prepare_ds must be careful about reporting success.
          - [armhf] i2c: mux: pca954x: fix i2c mux selection caching
          - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: Fix PCODE polling during SAGV disabling
          - drm: avoid uninitialized timestamp use in wait_vblank
          - [arm64, armhf] drm/panel: simple: Check against num_timings when setting
            preferred for timing
          - [x86] drm/i915: Move the min_pixclk[] handling to the end of readout
          - drm: Initialise drm_mm.head_node.allocated
          - block: Change extern inline to static inline
          - block: cfq_cpd_alloc() should use @gfp
          - [x86] ACPI / APEI: Fix NMI notification handling
          - [x86] powercap/intel_rapl: fix and tidy up error handling
          - iw_cxgb4: Fix error return code in c4iw_rdev_open()
          - [arm64, armhf] power: supply: bq27xxx_battery: Fix register map for
            BQ27510 and BQ27520
          - blk-mq: Always schedule hctx->next_cpu
          - [powerpc] mm: Correct process and partition table max size
          - [powerpc*] ibmebus: Fix further device reference leaks
          - [powerpc*] ibmebus: Fix device reference leaks in sysfs interface
          - [powerpc*] powernv: Don't warn on PE init if unfreeze is unsupported
          - [arm64] hugetlb: fix the wrong address for several functions
          - [arm64] hugetlb: remove the wrong pmd check in find_num_contig()
          - [arm64] hugetlb: fix the wrong return value for
          - IB/core: Release allocated memory in cache setup failure
          - IB/rxe: Increase max number of completions to 32k
          - IB/rxe: avoid putting a large struct rxe_qp on stack
          - IB/mlx5: Avoid system crash when enabling many VFs
          - IB/mlx5: Fix reported max SGE calculation
          - IB/mlx5: Assign SRQ type earlier
          - IB/mlx5: Wait for all async command completions to complete
          - IB/mlx4: Set traffic class in AH
          - IB/mlx4: Fix out-of-range array index in destroy qp flow
          - IB/mlx4: Handle well-known-gid in mad_demux processing
          - IB/mlx4: Fix port query for 56Gb Ethernet links
          - IB/mlx4: When no DMFS for IPoIB, don't allow NET_IF QPs
          - IB/mlx4: Check if GRH is available before using it
          - IB/IPoIB: Remove can't use GFP_NOIO warning
          - perf trace: Use the syscall raw_syscalls:sys_enter timestamp
          - perf mem: Fix --all-user/--all-kernel options
          - perf trace: Check if MAP_32BIT is defined (again)
          - perf diff: Do not overwrite valid build id
          - perf callchain: Fixup help/config for no-unwinding
          - perf scripting: Avoid leaking the scripting_context variable
          - perf jit: Enable jitdump support without dwarf
          - [armhf] dts: bcm283x: fix typo in mailbox address
          - [armhf] dts: imx6q-cm-fx6: fix fec pinctrl
          - [armhf] dts: omap3: Add DTS for Logic PD SOM-LV 37xx Dev Kit
          - tmpfs: clear S_ISGID when setting posix ACLs (CVE-2017-5551)
          - [x86] PCI: Ignore _CRS on Supermicro X8DTH-i/6/iF/6F
          - rcu: Narrow early boot window of illegal synchronous grace periods
          - sunrpc: don't call sleeping functions from the notifier block callbacks
          - svcrpc: don't leak contexts on PROC_DESTROY
          - libnvdimm, namespace: fix pmem namespace leak, delete when size set to
          - fuse: clear FR_PENDING flag when moving requests out of pending queue
          - fuse: fix time_to_jiffies nsec sanity check
          - PCI: Enumerate switches below PCI-to-PCIe bridges
          - HID: corsair: fix DMA buffers on stack (CVE-2017-5547)
          - HID: corsair: fix control-transfer error handling
          - mmc: sdhci-acpi: Only powered up enabled acpi child devices
          - ieee802154: atusb: do not use the stack for buffers to make them DMA able
          - [s390x] KVM: do not expose random data via facility bitmap
          - [armhf,arm64] KVM: vgic: Fix deadlock on error handling
          - [powerpc*] icp-opal: Fix missing KVM case and harden replay
          - [powerpc*] perf: Fix PM_BRU_CMPL event code for power9
          - [powerpc*] ptrace: Preserve previous fprs/vsrs on short regset write
          - [powerpc*] ptrace: Preserve previous TM fprs/vsrs on short regset write
          - [powerpc*] Ignore reserved field in DCSR and PVR reads and writes
          - [x86] ioapic: Restore IO-APIC irq_chip retrigger callback
          - qla2xxx: Fix crash due to null pointer access
          - mac80211: implement multicast forwarding on fast-RX path
          - ubifs: Fix journal replay wrt. xattr nodes
          - [armhf] clocksource/exynos_mct: Clear interrupt when cpu is shut down
          - svcrdma: avoid duplicate dma unmapping during error recovery
          - ceph: fix bad endianness handling in parse_reply_info_extra
          - [armhf] dts: OMAP5 / DRA7: indicate that SATA port 0 is available.
          - [arm64] avoid returning from bad_mode
          - [arm64] ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write
          - [arm64] ptrace: Avoid uninitialised struct padding in fpr_set()
          - [arm64] ptrace: Reject attempts to set incomplete hardware breakpoint
          - Input: ALPS - fix TrackStick support for SS5 hardware
          - libceph: ceph_x_encrypt_buflen() takes in_len
          - libceph: old_key in process_one_ticket() is redundant
          - libceph: introduce ceph_x_encrypt_offset()
          - libceph: introduce ceph_crypt() for in-place en/decryption
          - libceph: rename and align ceph_x_authorizer::reply_buf
          - libceph: tweak calcu_signature() a little
          - libceph: switch ceph_x_encrypt() to ceph_crypt()
          - libceph: switch ceph_x_decrypt() to ceph_crypt()
          - libceph: remove now unused ceph_*{en,de}crypt*() functions
          - [armhf] dts: Add an empty chosen node to top level DTSI
          - [armel,armhf] 8613/1: Fix the uaccess crash on PB11MPCore
          - ceph: fix scheduler warning due to nested blocking
          - ceph: fix ceph_get_caps() interruption
          - ceph: fix endianness of getattr mask in ceph_d_revalidate
          - ceph: fix endianness bug in frag_tree_split_cmp
          - libceph: make sure ceph_aes_crypt() IV is aligned
          - xprtrdma: Make FRWR send queue entry accounting more accurate
          - xprtrdma: Squelch "max send, max recv" messages at connect time
          - [arm64] mm: avoid name clash in __page_to_voff()
          - [arm64] Fix swiotlb fallback allocation
          - swiotlb: Convert swiotlb_force from int to enum
          - swiotlb: Add swiotlb=noforce debug option
          - scsi: ses: Fix SAS device detection in enclosure
          - scsi: mpt3sas: fix hang on ata passthrough commands
          - [armhf] PM / devfreq: exynos-bus: Fix the wrong return value
          - PM / devfreq: Fix the bug of devfreq_add_device when governor is NULL
          - mtd: spi-nor: Off by one in cqspi_setup_flash()
          - mtd: spi-nor: Fix some error codes in cqspi_setup_flash()
          - [x86] ite-cir: initialize use_demodulator before using it
          - [armhf] dmaengine: pl330: Fix runtime PM support for terminated transfers
          - [armhf] soc: ti: wkup_m3_ipc: Fix error return code in wkup_m3_ipc_probe()
          - libceph: uninline ceph_crypto_key_destroy()
          - libceph: stop allocating a new cipher on every crypto request
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [armel,armhf,s390x,x86] linux-headers: Fix regression of multilib compiler
          support (Closes: #851481)
        * nbd: use loff_t for blocksize and nbd_set_size args (Closes: #851533)
        * ath9k: fix NULL pointer dereference (Closes: #851621)
        * cfg80211,memcg,power: Avoid ABI changes
        * bq27xxx_battery,cpuhp,libceph,orinoco,xhci: Ignore ABI changes
        * linux-image: Increase minimum version of initramfs-tools (Closes: #808038)
        * [x86] linux-cpupower: Add turbostat and x86_energy_perf_policy commands
          (Closes: #778249)
        * [arm64] Enable ARCH_MESON and related drivers (Closes: #852132)
        * [arm64] dts: meson-gx: Add firmware reserved memory zones
        * [x86] ASoC: Intel: select DW_DMAC_CORE since it's mandatory
        * [x86] sound/soc/intel: Enable SND_SOC_INTEL_BDW_RT5677_MACH as module
          (Closes: #851916)
        * [arm64] video/fbdev: Change FB from module to built-in
        * [arm64,armhf] video/fbdev: Enable FB_EFI (Closes: #851778)
        * fs: Disable LOGFS, as it is unmaintained and will be removed in 4.10
        * [rt] genpatch.py: Verify tag and tarball signatures
        * fbdev: color map copying bounds checking (CVE-2016-8405)
        * [armhf,arm64] drm/vc4: Fix an integer overflow in temporary allocation
          layout. (CVE-2017-5576)
        * [armhf,arm64] drm/vc4: Return -EINVAL on the overflow checks failing.
        * [arm64] ptrace: Avoid ABI change in 4.9.6
          modules (thanks to Riku Voipio)
        [ Roger Shimizu ]
        * [armel] Add DT support of Buffalo Linkstation Live v3 (LS-CHL)
        * drivers/input: Enable TOUCHSCREEN_GOODIX as module (Closes: #851821).
        * [mips/octeon] hwmon: Enable SENSORS_ADM1031 as module (Closes: #851963).
          Thanks to James Cowgill.
        * nbd: fix 64-bit division.
      linux (4.9.2-2kali1) kali-dev; urgency=medium
        * Import new version from Debian
      linux (4.9.2-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * [sparc64] Export memcpy and memset to modules again (fixes FTBFS)
        * Revert "Remove debug symbol packages from debian/control to work around dak
          bug", which caused most binary uploads to be rejected
      linux (4.9.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream stable update:
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * abiupdate.py: Use current config instead of downloading previous config
        * abiupdate.py: Update base URLs
        * abiupdate.py: Add support for incoming.ports.debian.org
        * Make the pickled config (config.defines.dump) reproducible
        * Remove debug symbol packages from debian/control to work around dak bug
        * udeb: Add switch (DSA) drivers to nic-modules (Closes: #845075)
        * netfilter: Enable NFT_NUMGEN, NFT_QUOTA as modules
        * net/sched: Enable NET_ACT_TUNNEL_KEY, NET_IFE_SKBTCINDEX as modules
        * vsock: Enable VSOCKETS, VHOST_VSOCK, VIRTIO_VSOCKETS as modules
        * hci_uart: Enable BT_HCIUART_MRVL
        * rxrpc: Enable AF_RXRPC_IPV6
        * net: Enable NET_DEVLINK, MACSEC as modules
        * SCSI: Enable SCSI_SMARTPQI as module
        * target: Enable ISCSI_TARGET_CXGB4 as module
        * cxgb4: Enable CHELSIO_T4_FCOE
        * drm: Enable DRM_LEGACY; re-enable DRM_TDFX, DRM_R128, DRM_MGA, DRM_SIS,
          DRM_VIA, DRM_SAVAGE as modules for some architectures
        * 8250: Disable SERIAL_8250_LPSS, since it causes DW_DMAC_CORE to be built-in
        * Partially revert "usb: Kconfig: using select for USB_COMMON dependency",
          since it causes USB_COMMON to be built-in
        * Set ABI to 1
        [ John Paul Adrian Glaubitz ]
        * [sh3] Build a linux-libc-dev package (Closes: #850732)
        [ Martin Michlmayr ]
        * [arm64] Enable MV_XOR and MV_XOR_V2.
      linux (4.9.1-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release: https://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_4.9
          - Revert "default exported asm symbols to zero"
        * New upstream stable update:
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * Set ABI to trunk
        * Enable USERFAULTFD (except on armel/marvell)
        * [x86] PCI: Enable VMD as module
        * mm: Enable PAGE_POISONING (Closes: #849450), PAGE_POISONING_NO_SANITY
          (except on armel/marvell)
        * ieee802154: Enable IEEE802154_FAKELB as module
        * [armhf] leds,gpio: Enable LEDS_TCA6507 as module (Closes: #847770)
        * [x86] iio,HID: Enable INTEL_ISH_HID as module
        * hwmon,watchdog: Enable SENSORS_FTSTEUTATES as module (together with the
          previous, Closes: #847017)
        * net: Enable GTP as module (Closes: #846913)
        * [armhf] gpio: Enable GPIO_MCP23S08 as module (Closes: #845064)
        * aufs: Update support patchset to aufs4.9-20161219
        * Use debhelper compatibility level 9
        * [arm64] Revert "arm64/mm: Limit TASK_SIZE_64 ..." and add breaks on
          incompatible mozjs
        * genorig.py: Verify tag signatures (based on work by Yves-Alexis Perez)
        [ Uwe Kleine-König ]
        * enable `perf data' support; patch by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
          (Closes: #846597)
        * [rt] Update to 4.9-rt1 and reenable
        * [armhf] Add support for switch hardware on Turris Omnia
        [ Aurelien Jarno ]
        * [arm64] Enable RTC_DRV_DS1307.
      linux (4.9~rc8-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release candidate
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * radeon: Update package name in error message for missing firmware
        * [amd64] Remove xen-linux-system-<version> package
        * debian/control: Fix build-dependency on flex to work with new versions
          that have M-A: allowed
        * Revert "default exported asm symbols to zero"
        * [arm64] remoteproc: Disable QCOM_WCNSS_PIL (fixes FTBFS)
        * [sparc64] Don't re-add exports of string functions that are now only
          defined as macros (fixes FTBFS, after other fixes)
      linux (4.9~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release candidate:
          - [armhf,armel] Revert "arm: move exports to definitions" (Closes: #844530)
        [ Martin Michlmayr ]
        * [arm64] Enable more QCOM options: BT_QCOMSMD, QCOM_EBI2, QCOM_TSENS,
        * [arm64] Enable ARCH_MVEBU and related options.
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * linux-headers-common: Make these packages architecture-independent by
          including headers for all architectures that we build a kernel for
        * Fix exported symbol versions:
          - Revert upstream changes moving exports to assembly sources
          - [x86] kbuild: enable modversions for symbols exported from assembly
          - [powerpc] Remove Mac-on-Linux hooks
          - [powerpc*] Fix missing CRCs, add yet more asm-prototypes.h declarations
          - Re-enable CONFIG_MODVERSIONS in a slightly weaker form
          - module: Disable matching missing version CRC
        * debian/bin/buildcheck.py: Add check for symbols with version CRC of 0
      linux (4.9~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release candidate
        [ Aurelien Jarno ]
        * Enable MAC802154, IEEE802154_ADF7242, IEEE802154_AT86RF230,
          IEEE802154_ATUSB, IEEE802154_CC2520 and IEEE802154_MRF24J40.
        * [arm64] Enable VIRTUALIZATION and KVM.
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [hppa] Update build-dependencies for 64-bit kernel (fixes FTBFS)
        * linux-perf: Exclude perf-read-vdso* from shared library dependency
          check (fixes FTBFS on sparc64)
        * [x86] kexec: add -fno-PIE
        * wireless: Enable RTL8XXXU as module, replacement for R8723AU
        * netfilter: Enable NFT_SET_RBTREE and NFT_SET_HASH as modules,
          renamed from NFT_RBTREE and NFT_HASH
        * tcp: Enable TCP_CONG_BBR as module
        * [armel] Drop versatile flavour, which has been broken since version
        * [x86] ethernet: Enable ENA_ETHERNET as module
        * [x86] efi: Prevent mixed mode boot corruption with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK=y
        * w1: Disable W1_MASTER_MATROX
      linux (4.9~rc3-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release candidate
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [rt] Disable until it is updated for 4.9 or later
        * kbuild: add -fno-PIE (Closes: #841368)
        * Compile with gcc-6 on all architectures
        * debian/control: Fix build-dependency on openssl to work with new
          versions that have M-A: allowed (Closes: #839145)
      linux (4.8.15-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Ben Hutchings ]
        * [x86] Enable INTEL_VBTN as module (Closes: #848967)
        * debian/control: Change build-dependency on asciidoc to prefer the new
          asciidoc-base, so we don't pull in LaTeX unnecessarily
        * [x86] Enable LEDS_DELL_NETBOOKS and DELL_SMBIOS as modules; re-enable
          DELL_LAPTOP and DELL_WMI as modules (Closes: #849674)
        * [powerpc*] boot: Request no dynamic linker for boot wrapper
          (Closes: #848851, FTBFS on ppc6el)
        * cpufreq: Enable CPU_FREQ_GOV_SCHEDUTIL as module
        * [x86] ACPI: Enable DPTF_POWER as module
        * [x86] perf: Enable PERF_EVENTS_AMD_POWER as module
        * [x86] perf: Change PERF_EVENTS_INTEL_{CSTATE,RAPL,UNCORE} from built-in
          to modules
        * PCI: Enable PCIE_DPC (except for armel/versatile)
        * [amd64] PCI: Enable PCI_HYPERV as module
        * inet: Enable INET_DIAG_DESTROY
        * tcp: Enable TCP_CONG_NV as module
        * ipv6: Enable IPV6_ILA as module
        * net/sched: Enable NET_CLS_MATCHALL, NET_ACT_IFE, NET_IFE_SKBMARK,
          NET_IFE_SKBPRIO as modules
        * hci_uart: Enable BT_HCIUART_AG6XX
        * nvme: Enable NVME_RDMA, NVME_TARGET, NVME_TARGET_RDMA as modules
        * [amd64] mic: Enable VOP_BUS and VOP as modules; re-enable INTEL_MIC_HOST as
        * debian/control: Add Salvatore Bonaccorso to Uploaders
        * [rt] Update to 4.8.15-rt10 (no functional change)
        [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
        * sg_write()/bsg_write() is not fit to be called under KERNEL_DS
        * kvm: nVMX: Allow L1 to intercept software exceptions (#BP and #OF)
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