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    Import Debian version 4.11 · 0103a936
    Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra authored
    parrot-tools (4.11) rolling; urgency=medium
      [ Nong Hoang Tu ]
      * New meta tool sections
      * First removal of old tools
      * Remove more tools
      * moving enumeration and remove some
      * Remove more, move ssl
      * add more remove and merge
      * move some tools
      * Change name of anonsurf to anonsurf-cli
      * bump draft version for metapackage for 4.11
      * new draft with descriptions
      * Update format of copyright
      * remove old parrot-meta and edit automotive
      * remove multimac
      * remove hotpatch
      * remove volatility
      * remove volafox (py2removal)
      * remove bdfproxy (py2removal)
      * remove fimap (py2Removal)
      * remove some dropped tools
      * fix syntax and remove some tools
      * Keep cleaning old tools
      * some more clean
      * Move parrot-mini to parrot-tools-common
      * add goofile-nim to preinstalled list
      * remove dbd and cryptcat
      * Remove some tool as repo clean
      * Fix some syntax bugs in control file
      * chnage standard version to 4.5.1
      * Replace goofile-nim (not on repo) by nmapsi4
      * Add encryptpad to parrot-crypto again
      * Move onionshare and onioncircuits to suggest instead of request
      * Change section to metapackages
      * Move anonsurf-cli from Depends to Recommends
      * Fix duplicate gocryptfs in same section
      * Add git to parrot-devel
      * Remove kayak
      * Restore onionshare in recommends
      * remove midnight commander
      * remove goofile-nim (inreleased)
      * Add powershell to devel-tools
      * Add parrot-zsh for zsh support
      [ Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra ]
      * Push package.
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