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parrot-tools 2.12

Package: parrot-tools
Version: 2.12
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Lorenzo EclipseSparl Faletra <>
Recommends: 3viltwin, aircrack-ng, airmode, apache2, apache-users, apktool, armitage, arping, asleap, autopsy, backdoor-factory, bbqsql, bdfproxy, bed, binwalk, bluelog, bluemaho, bluepot, blueranger, bokken, bulk-extractor, bully, burpsuite, cadaver, chiron, chkrootkit, chntpw, cisco-auditing-tool, cisco-global-exploiter, clusterd, cmospwd, cowpatty, creddump, creepy, criptator, crunch, cryptcat, cutycapt, cymothoa, davtest, dbd, dc3dd, dcfldd, ddrescue, dff, dhcpig, dirb, dirbuster, dissy, dmitry, dnmap, dns2tcp, dnschef, dnsenum, dnsrecon, dnstracer, dnswalk, dos2unix, dsniff, eapmd5pass, edb-debugger, enumiax, etherwake, ethtool, ettercap-graphical, fcrackzip, fern-wifi-cracker, ferret, fierce, fimap, findmyhash, flasm, foremost, fping, fragroute, fragrouter, framework2, fruitywifi, ftester, golismero, goofile, grabber, gtk-recordmydesktop, hashcat, hashcat-utils, hash-identifier, heartbleech, hexinject, hexorbase, heybe, hotpatch, hping3, htshells, hydra, hydra-gtk, iaxflood, imsniff, infoip, intersect, inundator, inurlbr, iodine, ipscan, isr-evilgrade, jad, javasnoop, jboss-autopwn, john, johnny, joomscan, kismet, kismet-plugins, laudanum, libcrafter, libewf1, libfindrtp, libnet1-dev, libpcap-dev, links, links2, lynis, macchanger, magicrescue, magictree, maligno, maskprocessor, mc, md5deep, mdk3, medusa, metagoofil, metasploit, metasploit-framework, miranda, miredo, mitmproxy, multimac, nasm, nbtscan, ncrack, netdiscover, netmask, nikto, nishang, nmap, ollydbg, openssh-server, ophcrack, ophcrack-cli, oscanner, outguess, p0f, parrot-anon, parrot-cloud-controller, pasco, patator, pdf-parser, peepdf, penmode2, pixiewps, plecost, pompem, powersploit, proxychains, proxystrike, proxytunnel, ptunnel, pwnat, pyrit, rainbowcrack, reaver, recon-ng, recoverjpeg, redfang, reglookup, responder, rifiuti2, rig, rkhunter, safecopy, samdump2, sandi, sbd, scalpel, scripts4cf, scrounge-ntfs, set, sfuzz, shellinabox, siege, sipcrack, sipvicious, skipfish, slowloris, smbmap, smtp-user-enum, snmpcheck, socat, spiderfoot, spooftooph, sqldict, sqlmap, sqlninja, sqlsus, sslcaudit, ssldump, sslscan, sslsniff, sslstrip, steghide, t50, tccf, tcpick, tcptrace, tcpxtract, tdsog, thc-ipv6, thc-ssl-dos, theharvester, themole, tlssled, truecrack, u3-pwn, ua-tester, udptunnel, unix-privesc-check, urlcrazy, vega, vinagre, vinetto, vino, volafox, volatility, w3af, wapiti, wce, webacoo, webshells, webslayer, websploit, weevely, whatweb, wifi-honey, wifiphisher, wifite, windows-binaries, wireshark, wpscan, xprobe, xspy, xsser, yasat, yersinia, zaproxy, zenmap, zulucrypt
Suggests: oclhashcat, blindelephant, casefile, dbpwaudit, dradis, gresolver, hotpatch, ikat, killerbee, apktool, openvas, xplico, maltego, maltego-teeth, beef-xss, mana-toolkit
Section: metapackages
Priority: optional
Description: Penetration testing and security auditing distribution, default system
This is Parrot Security OS, the most advanced penetration testing and security
auditing distribution.
This metapackage depends on all the packages that are installed by default
on any Parrot system.
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