Commit 4d8a77e5 authored by dmknght's avatar dmknght

Add banners

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import .. / cores / status
import strformat
B_MAGENTA = "\e[95m"
B_GREEN = "\e[92m"
B_RED = "\e[91m"
B_CYAN = "\e[96m"
B_BLUE = "\e[94m"
RESET = "\e[0m"
proc helpCommand(command, description: string) =
echo fmt"{B_RED} {command:12}{B_BLUE} | {B_CYAN} {description}{RESET}"
proc helpBanner*() =
echo "\nUsage: ", B_CYAN, "anonsurf ", RESET, "<", B_BLUE, "options", RESET, ">"
echo(B_BLUE, " -----------------------------------------------------------------", RESET)
helpCommand("option", "Description")
echo(B_BLUE, " --------------|--------------------------------------------------", RESET)
helpCommand("start", "Start system-wide Tor transparent proxy")
helpCommand("stop", "Stop Tor proxy and return to clearnet")
helpCommand("restart", "Restart Tor proxy daemon")
helpCommand("changeid", "Change your identity on Tor network randomly")
helpCommand("status", "Show current status of connection under Tor proxy")
helpCommand("myip", "Check public IP address")
helpCommand("status-boot", "Check if AnonSurf is enabled at boot")
helpCommand("enable-boot", "Enable AnonSurf at boot")
helpCommand("disable-boot", "Disable AnonSurf at boot")
echo(B_BLUE, " -----------------------------------------------------------------", RESET)
proc devBanner*() =
echo "AnonSurf [", B_RED, surfVersion, RESET, "] - ", B_CYAN, "Command Line Interface", RESET
echo "\nDeveloped by:"
echo B_GREEN, " Lorenzo \"Palinuro\" Faletra", B_BLUE, " <>", RESET
echo B_GREEN, " Lisetta \"Sheireen\" Ferrero", B_BLUE, " <>", RESET
echo B_GREEN, " Francesco \"Mibofra\" Bonanno", B_BLUE, " <>", RESET
echo "Extended by:"
echo B_GREEN, " Daniel \"Sawyer\" Garcia", B_BLUE, " <>", RESET
echo "Maintained by:"
echo B_MAGENTA, " Nong Hoang \"DmKnght\" Tu", B_BLUE, " <>", RESET
echo "and a huge amount of Caffeine, Mountain Dew + some GNU/GPL v3 stuff"
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