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# AnonSurf · [![Project license](](/LICENSE) [![Project release](](/LICENSE)
Anonymous Toolkit for Parrot OS.
## :camera: Screenshots
| Running | Boot | Stats | Credits |
| ![Running screen]( | ![Boot screen]( | ![Stats screen]( | ![Credits screen](
**The images are only for demonstration purpose, Please don't use those images.**
## :gear: Installation
The commands below will make you able to create a build for both CLI and GTK versions of AnonSurf.
1. Clone the repo to get the latest working version.
Example using SSH:
git clone
2. Install Gintro (GTK bindings for Nim):
apt install libnim-gintro-dev
3. Create Debian's binaries (CLI and GTK) for installation:
debuild -us -uc -b
## :memo: Notes
* You'll find the binaries inside the project's root folder, use ```dpkg -i PACKAGE.deb``` to install them.
* **Do not run AnonSurf as root.**
## :information_source: Main features
* **Fast**: AnonSurf it's made on Nim, it uses less than 1% of memory.
* **Easy**: You can Start, Stop and Restart AnonSurf easily from both CLI or GTK interface.
* **Safe**: ID can be changed by restarting or switching Tor nodes.
* **Realiable**: You can check the public IP address or the Tor status using Nyx.
* **Configurable**: AnonSurf can be enabled or disbled at boot (as system service).
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