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......@@ -102,23 +102,21 @@ Moreover Parrot 4.6 features important updates for broadcom and other wireless c
and the Nvidia drivers were updated to the latest 410 version with better Quadro support.
## tool updates
* airgeddon
* bettercap
* metasploit
* beef
* burpsuite
* dradis
* fern
* mimikatz
Many tools reveived important updates since the release of the previous Parrot version. From airgeddon to metasploit up to the latest bettercap version, all the tools are now up to date to their latest versions compatible with Parrot.
## development support improved
* updated gcc and clang
* updated java
* improved devel metapackages
* nodejs 10.15 from 8.11
* dbeaver as default database manager
* vscodium official website
Since the introduction of the parrot-devel metapackage family, we worked hard to improve the overall development experience on Parrot.
Important news in the development sections include the latest gcc and clang versions, an important security update for java (openjdk), a big jump from nodejs 8.11 to the latest 10.15 version and the inclusion of dbeaver as the default database manager.
Metapackages were improved to be more lightweight by default, and the mono runtime and development tools were moved to parrot-devel-extra and are no longer pre-installed.
We are also proud to host the new [VSCodium website]( on our servers. Our team does not have enough time or experience to contribute to this awesome editor, and offering them a website was our way to give our little contribution to this free and opensource binary distribution of the VSCode editor.
## other system updates
* mate stability updates
* firefox 65
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The MATE desktop environment received some minor stability updates, and Firefox 65 was included.
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