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Parrot 4.5 is officially released, and there are some major changes under the hood.
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![Parrot 4.5 download](../img/parrot-4.5-download.jpg)
## Drop 32bit architecture images
We are in 2019 now, and computers that are not capable of running 64bit operating system are mostly legacy computers that are not capable of running modern and complex applications. Additionally many programs and frameworks are no longer available for 32bit x86 systems.
![Old crap](../img/parrot-4.5-old-crap-pc.jpg)
We released 32bit images since the beginning of the project, and we worked hard to provide fresh binary updates for the i386 architecture for a long while, but nowadays 32bit-only, computers are no longer capable of running a full pentest campaign or providing hardware-accelerated support to our security protection systems.
Parrot 4.5 does no longer provide live ISO files for the i386 architecture, even if it is still supported by our repository and our netinstall images, and we are slowly planning to drop it in the future.
NOTE: 32bit deprecation does not affect our ARM support, and armhf architecture is still fully supported.
## Virtual Appliances
We released official docker templates for parrot many months ago, and they proved to be a turnkey solution to bring a full parrot pentest stack on top of any operating system supported by docker.
![virtual appliance](../img/parrot-4.5-virtualbox-ova.png)
The next step that come with Parrot 4.5 is the release of desktop virtual appliances in the OVA format that can be imported in VirtualBox, VMWare and other famous virtualization environments.
These virtual environments are still experimental, and even if they are the perfect solution to give Parrot a try and experiment with it, we still recommend a full custom installation from the ISO files for more serious use cases.
## Linux 4.19
Linux 4.19 is the default kernel in Parrot 4.5, and this new kernel version was already packaged by following our new kernel distribution policy implemented for Parrot 5.0 LTS.
![linux 4.19](../img/parrot-4.5-linux-4.19.jpg)
We plan to support 2 kernel branches, a stable kernel and a testing kernel, and provide updates for both. Linux 4.19 is part of our testing branch, while the first release of the stable branch will be released with Parrot 5.0 itself.
Read the full PSC [here -](
## Metasploit 5.0
![metasploit 5](../img/parrot-4.5-metasploit-5.jpg)
Metasploit 5.0 was released with many new important features that we immediately imported and tested for our users.
We immediately loved the new evasion modules, the opportunity to write shellcode in C, the new search engine, the integrated web services or the json-rpc daemon, and we wanted to offer quick access to this awesome framework through this new Parrot release.
## Better Dev Tools
We improved our metapackages for developers, and setting up an advanced development environment for several programming languages and frameworks is now easier than ever:
#### parrot-devel
### parrot-devel
It is pre-installed in Parrot 4.5 and provides the following tools:
......@@ -69,7 +109,10 @@ sudo apt update
sudo apt install parrot-devel
#### parrot-devel-tools
### parrot-devel-tools
It is recommended by parrot-devel and pre-installed in Parrot Security.
It provides some useful compilers and interpreters for the most used languages and provides the following packages:
......@@ -92,8 +135,10 @@ The package also recommends the following packages, that can be safely removed w
sudo apt update
sudo apt install parrot-devel-tools
#### parrot-devel-extra
### parrot-devel-extra
The parrot-devel-extra metapackage is a quick way to install many additional development utilities like advanced IDEs, additional languages, debuggers and extra tools.
......@@ -116,6 +161,10 @@ sudo apt update
sudo apt install parrot-devel-extra
## Other updates
Many other updates were imported since we are currently based on Debian testing, and we included all the latest updates, security patches and new features as usual.
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