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......@@ -174,13 +174,13 @@ and clang versions, an important security update for java (openjdk), and a big j
nodejs 8.11 to the latest 10.15 version. And finally the inclusion of dbeaver as the default database manager.
<<<<<<< HEAD
Metapackages were improved to be more modular and lightweight by default. The mono
runtime and development tools were moved to `parrot-devel-extra` and are no longer pre-installed.
>>>>>>> dev
## The Road ahead
The Parrot Project has gone through some considerably large evolutions. We've added over 20 new members, redesigned our internal structures and processes, upgraded our server infrastructure and deployed our own CDN. As we look at where we want to go we realize that we need to automate things more as well as harden ParrotOS from boot to browsing.
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