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## Developer Certificate of Origin + License
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By contributing to the Parrot Project, You accept and agree to the following terms and
conditions for your present and future Contributions submitted to the Parrot Project.
Except for the license granted herein to the Parrot Project and recipients of software
distributed by the Parrot Project, You reserve all right, title, and interest in and to
Your Contributions. All Contributions are subject to the following DCO + License
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[DCO + Licenses](
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_This notice should stay as the first item in the file._

## Contributing

First off thank you for your interest and help!

**Security Issues** 
We take security very seriously, if you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. 
Please email `security at parrotsec dot org` or send Palinuro a PM on Telegram. 

You can help improve our documentation by submitting merge requests (pull requests in github) to this repository.

For more information about how to contribute please see our [Technical Guidelines for Contributing](
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We want to create a welcome environment for everyone who is interested in contributing. Please see our [Code of Conduct]( to learn more about our committment to an open environment.

_Please do not use the issue tracker for support questions, please post on the [forum]( or on Telegram._
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## Maintainers, response time and security issues. 

**Primary:** Palinuro <br>
**Alternate:** s1udge

You should get a response from a maintainer within **five days** for a merge request and **seven days** for everything else.
If you haven't heard anything in that timeframe please ping the thread with the names of the maintainers.
After feedback is given we expect a response within two weeks if no response is given we may close the merge request or issue. 

_Commit access is given on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of the Core Dev Team._

### How to suggest a feature or enhancement
Please make a post in the forum under development category. Please add why it is needed, the scope of the feature and any research you have. 
Your topic will be read and checked if the request is possible, if not you will be notified why this isn't possible. 
If it is possible you will be asked to open an issue here.
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